Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Time

I'm not a beach person in fact I kinda hate beaches but as I have said on many occasions, this trip is for Kathleen :) yesterday she wanted to hit the beach so I bit my tongue and went to the beach also . We paid €4.50 for each bed and kicked back and almost slept ..... Sounds exciting ? Nope ! 

Days like this really leave me with nothing to talk about :( I mean we just laid there and burned our bodies ... There is no chance I'm going in the water as it is too cold and along with beaches I'm not a swimming enthusiast . I like the water when it's frozen , and yeah I am the exact opposite of a beach lover . I like the cold , I like being on ice and not water , I rather play ice hockey then beach volleyball although I don't mind watching women's beach volleyball sometimes ;);)! LOL ;) so yeah nothing exciting . Just flirted with sleeping while on the beach ... You must be so excited reading this hahaha ... Sorry to waste your time ! 

Things have been hectic so I am happy Kathleen had her beach day . After the beach we came back to Casa Pilkington and watched England vs Slovenia in Euro Cup qualifying , had a couple cans of beer then watched An Idiot Abroad and The Moaning Of Life , both are hilarious travel shows so it's kinda like I'm doing homework for my show . 

Oh yeah , my shows first episode is ready for me to finally see ;) I get my private viewing on Wednesday . Super Jacked to see it . Way more excited then being on a beach ....

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  1. The best beach time in my life was in Cox's Bazar & St. Martin's Island in Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar is the largest beach in world and Martin's Island is the only coral island in Bangladesh that is often called Narical Gingira, which means 'Coconut Island' in Bengali, and "Daruchini Dip"..