Friday, June 12, 2015

Cable Car Madness

Yesterday morning we started our day in Benalmadena with a lovely breakfast made by our lovely hosts then we started hiking over to the Teleferico Cable Car where we spent €14 each to go up the mountain on the long cable car ride ... Takes a good 10 minutes for the ride up :) when we arrived there was a display of predatory birds ... It was free !!!! Yeah is that unreal ? Pay €14 to go up a mountain and have a free show hahaha . 

Nothing is perfect right ?!?!? You know it's not ... I know I mentioned free but when we got to the entrance we were all stopped and posed with an owl . I wanted to snap a pic of Richard & Noemi but the person taking photos said something to me and yeah I didn't like it ... Listen I don't give a shit if you want to take a pic of me and then sell my likeness back to me without my permission but if I can't take a pic of my friends in the moment then go fuck yourself !!!! Ok got that off my chest :) anyways show was brilliant , birds were fantastic and I am sure they are doing a good job keeping these birds happy ... Now learn how to act with human beings . 

Don Rickardo (seen above) had the day all planned out to a T :) after the bird show we headed back on the cable car but this time Kathleen and I took our own cable car .... Yeah , so we get on and start descending and next thing you know we get caught in a mad gust of wind !!!! It was pretty crazy as I could see the bottom of the ravine out of the side window as we swayed dangerously close to the upright poles , seriously I am not making this up !!! Don Rickardo will attest to it as he told me last night ... He thought we were done for :( as the car swayed and we just missed the pole I was looking over to see if it had caught the other card but alas it was a problem we faced on our own ... And we survived LOL . When we got to the bottom we jumped on the train to Fuengirola which as I mentioned was all part of the plan . 

Fuengirola is the last stop and the Malaga train line and it wasn't as far as we were going as we had to jump on a bus to go up the mountain where we had an amazing pizza then did some shopping for the ladies :) we stopped in this artisanal chocolate shop where the guy serving me swore he saw me on tv before ... I mentioned the FA Cup and he said that is where it was LOL ! Hilarious eh ? After my brush with popularity we headed to this amazing little church where of course I lit a candle for Chris and said a prayer for him ... I still miss him :( .... And I will never forget him !!! 

We headed back to Benalmadena by bus , the ladies went to do some grocery shopping and I went to buy a new pair of Puma running shoes for the hike I have the next day in Gibraltar .... The shoes I have are killing me so it's time for a new pair ... Shoes are dirt cheap ! I paid €39.99 with taxes incl. after that we headed down the road and checked out a shop selling Malaga FC shirts ... Don Rickardo is buying season tickets and should get a top to wear to the games so we went to do some window shopping ... Well things went sour fast in this shop :( we saw a top asked about it and the loser there got really aggressive and grabbed a top said that I must be an XL and we were just looking at the top to make sure it was real as any shopper should right ? Well the shop owner comes over and says "it's always you Engliah people that need to make sure the shirt is official " ummm I'm Canadian ! Yeah I said that to him and it didn't matter ? He continued to accost us and basically told us off on the way out ... Customer service at its best . Later we found out that the price he told us was different then what is on the official team page .... Sounds fishy doesn't it ? Regardless he lost the sale :p douche ! 

We ended up hanging out at the Palm 5 Beach Bar shooting the shit having a few laughs then headed back home for an amazing spaghetti and meatballs meal ... Had a couple more pints and turned in around 1 am ... Gotta get up early to catch our bus to Gibraltar . 

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