Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kathleen's Birthday

Yesterday was Kathleen's birthday , she is the most important person in my life ... Without her there is no Travelling Goalie . Think about it , how many of you guys out there have girlfriends or wives that would let you take off 2 or 3 times a year on your own to play hockey ??? Yeah I thought so ! Really we don't go on enough vacations together and after her last trip alone this was the perfect plan :)

It was hot as piss yesterday here in Benalmadena and we didn't fully realize it until we started walking away from Richards place . Kathleen loves sailing but unfortunately due to her accident can not participate so we took her to the marina to check out the boats :) Benalmadena's marina was rated top marina on the planet last year so it was worth a look ! Before we headed there we had a few things to sort out like money exchange and bus tickets to Gibraltar . When we arrived at the marina it was sweltering heat :( no I don't love the heat ! Whatever this is for Kathleen ... We found an American style restaurant called Jacks and sat down to have a bite to eat and watched some sailboats come into the marina then headed back to Richards for siesta .... When in Rome do as the Romans do ! 

Richard booked us a table at La Sarina on the beach to have dinner at 830 pm . Dinner in Europe is generally later then our typical North American 6 pm probably because everyone is still waking up from siesta at that time LOL ! I had a steak at this seafood restaurant and I could taste the yucky fish on my steak which really didn't sit well with me ... I don't like fish but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to ruin Kathleen's bday so I ate most of the steak but really didn't love it ... Richard didn't love his paella either but the service was great , the view was spectacular and the company had was the main course . 

After dinner we headed up the hill to the center of town and had a cappuccino and ice cream then went for a brandy and espresso ... 2 brandy's and 2 espresso's cost a grand total of 5 Euros !!! Exceptional :) did I mention they were both doubles ??? This was a local shop with no tourists , why you travel always go where the locals go !!! 

On the walk home we passed this place seen in the picture above ! Club Municipal de Hielo , the local ice rink :) I was happier then a pig in shit when I saw this :) :) that's a double smile !!!! Well I guess I am gonna have to go see it on Monday with local hockey player Rickard Astrom . I'm excited to find out more about the local hockey scene . Enough of my jibber jabber , I gotta get ready for another beautiful day in Spain . 

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