Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blue Jays Cap

Yesterday we arrived in Malaga and were greeted by Richard Pilkington at the airport and were whisked off to the train where we then headed to Benalmadena which is about 15 minutes from the airport . Benalmadena is definitely more then I expected ... I mean it's not a small little rinky dink town , it's actually a city . When we got off the train we walked down towards the sea which is where Richard lives ... No joke I can see it from my window ;) what a beautiful place this is !!! 

When we arrived at Richards we were greeted by his girlfriend Noemi .She had some tapas and beers waiting for us , gracias ! After gobbling up the yummy snacks we headed out for a walk down to the beach and ended up at the Palm 5 Beach Bar where we continued drinking ... I had a few San Miguels while Kathleen enjoyed her half bucket of sangria ;) and the day was great ! 

Alright so you must be wondering about this Blue Jays cap and what's the story ... Ok here it is ! When I was over in England last month Richard was over also and he wore a really nice Jays cap all the time . On his last day in London he got a bit lost in the Underground and was shown his way home by a 7 year old autistic child ! Pretty cool stuff having a 7 year old show you the way home ;) anyways Richard was taken back by this and decided to give the young lad his Blue Jays cap .... I know how awesome is that ? So I told Kathleen this story and we decided it would be nice to get him a new one . Only problem was that we had to figure out his hat size ??? 

One day last week I get a message from Richard asking if we can get him a new Blue Jays cap ? He even gave me his hat size LOL ... Ok that makes things easier ;) so we grabbed the cap and gave it to him yesterday .... This is not the end of the story ... After drinking all day we decided to go for a dip in the pool which is like 5 steps away from Richards place .. It's truly amazing :) so when we are getting in the pool we bump into this young guy and have a chat with him ... He has a disability but he does his best to communicate with us and at the end of the encounter Richard gives him his Maple Leafs cap ! Yeah what a great guy , the kid really loved it . After our swim we went back to Richards deck and the kid came running over to give us high 5's and then he left ... We sat there smiling , it was pretty awesome to have this happen ! 

It's not just the scenery that is beautiful here . Today is Kathleen's birthday ;) hoping it is just as amazing as yesterday !!!!

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