Sunday, June 7, 2015

This Would Not Have Happened Without ...

What an epic trip that was ... Obviously its about the people i spent such amazing moments with and of course the pinnacle of this last trip was going to the FA Cup Final @ Wembley . This would not have happened if Simon Leach didn't put me in touch with Matthew Haywood ! Simon is the clubman of the year amongst us Aston Villa Supporters and there is a reason why ... well because he is just amazing , honestly i don't know how to explain the stuff this guy does for his fellow Villans . He 110% deserves to be clubman of the year and he definitely gets the BIG thank you from me .... Of course he was the guy to organize tickets for everyone to sit together at the Burnley match and he organized a spectacular 3.5 hour tour of Villa Park and just for doing all the he deserves my vote but that FA Final ticket was just unbelievable .... i'm sure a lot of people would have died for that ticket but thanks to Matthew Haywood they didn't get it :) Matthew and i were put in touch with each other through Simon and Matthew had a spare ticket which he thought a foreigner deserved more then a local ... for that i am forever in debt .... mostly because i couldn't get together with Matthew for long enough to buy him a pint LOL ... i promise next time we meet i am forcing a few on you !

After that first weekend of debauchery with my fellow Villa Supporters from across North America i got really lucky finding out that my hockey buddy Darrin Pfeiffer was performing in Wolverhampton with his band Goldfinger :) here check them out ... . They were on tour travelling with the  Slam Dunk Festival so it was a sure bet that i was gonna go ... never would have expected to be slam dancing to their set but i did and it was awesome ... even Karl McNelly had a great time while mashing his foot up :( but from what he tells me it was well worth it ! I'm telling ya , the guy knew it was fucked up and he kept on keeping on like a trooper ... when i saw this pic i knew that must have hurt and honestly it was super rocking the way he carried on ! You rock Karl :) Made a bunch of new friends at the show but the time we spent just drinking at the pub next to the venue was almost as good as seeing Pfeiffer perform again ... we finished off that keg of Brooklyn Lager like champs HAHAHA ! Thanks for the passes Pfeiffer !! You guys fucking rock :) 

One of the main reasons i did this trip was because i had to cancel my hockey trip to take care of Kathleen and really i just wanted to spend time with friends and family and heading up to Sheffield to chill out with Daz and Mark was top marks ... we really just hung out and drank alot :) Spent time with good friends and went on walks around the outskirts of Sheffield ... yeah it was really relaxing and at the same time good fun . Of course there was the threat of me playing outside of goal on the ice there which never happened and Daz took me to some amazing hockey related places and we got to hang out with Leon from Fargo Railroad Co. ... really awesome band ! check them out too ... . Really looking forward to seeing my Sheffield friends again soon ! 

Of course as usual it is a must that i thank Paul Harris , Ben Mitchell and the rest of the Kidderminster Lions who in my mind should be constantly club of the year when it comes to Villa Supporter clubs . These guys regularly take us North Americans in to their houses and drag us along with them across the UK to watch Aston Villa games and without them i am sure that we all wouldn't be having as much fun as we do when going over to England . If you disagree with me i will argue until my lungs explode because i would be hard pressed to find a better group of  guys to know when heading over to watch the Villa ! They will sort your tickets , sort your coach and if you are nice enough Ben will even let you stay at Casa Mitchell :) thanks mate ! These guys are kings amongst kings :) 

Of course this trip was for me , i needed a break from reality ... being with the people i mentioned really brought my mind to a relaxed state and one of the big things i had to do was to uphold my promise to bring my Aunty Carmen a bottle of Ice Wine from Canada ... i kinda wish i took 2 bottles for her because she damn near dusted off that bottle while i was there :) It was good to see her and my cousins ... i had a few laughs with her drinking up while i had a horrible hangover . I am really happy i did that , another promise upheld ... even though it took 10 years . 

It was amazing seeing friends , having fun ! 

i can't wait to head on my next adventure tomorrow ... yeah i know its rough being me isn't it ? This next trip is more for Kathleen . She lost her trip due to her horrible accident and we decided for her birthday we should go somewhere and our good friend Richard Pilkington recently moved to Benalmadena , Spain so why not head over to have some fun in the sun ? yeah ok its not entirely for Kathleen LOL ! 

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