Friday, June 5, 2015

Easily Confused ?

Alright let's get down to the nitty gritty here .... the day of my flight home i woke up at 5 AM with time to waste an hour showering and getting ready then getting to the airport for around 6:15 AM which was just under 3 hours before my flight which leaves at 9 AM . Now that's the plan ..... or at least that is what was the plan until I woke up at 5 AM rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom and looked at my Expedia App. since my flight was booked through Expedia and to my horror the app told me that my flight was leaving 2 hours early ?!?!?!?! WTF !?!?!?!

OK don't panic for a few seconds , catch your breath ... now PANIC ! Jump in shower , hurry hurry hurry !!! Holy crap I'm gonna miss my flight , is this for real ? Wow there is no time to waste i have to leave the room in 5 minutes or less ... unreal . Well within 10 minutes I was down in the lobby calling my Uber ride to pick me up and heading to the airport . Just a side note .... the black taxi i took in from airport was 33 British pounds and the Uber back on the same route was 16 British pounds , Uber wins again :) Unfortunately when i arrived at the airport with 75 minutes until my flight departed , (based on what my Expedia App told me) i ran to the United counter and asked why and how is it possible that a flight leaves 2 hours early ??? The woman responded by telling me the flight was on time and asked how i heard that the flight was 2 hours early ? I told her my Expedia App told me this and she said Expedia sucks and is the worst of all the sites to book off .... Personally i rather book the same flight through Expedia then booking direct through the airline ! But on this occasion it was disappointing knowing how fast i moved to get myself to the airport due to an error :( 

That's not gonna change my choice to book with Expedia for my trips but it would be nice if i received some form of explanation as to why the app said the flight was leaving 2 hours early . Now back to the story ... usually i don't fly United as i try to avoid flying through the USA . Not for any reason other then i don't love taking my luggage off a flight to check it in again and pass through 6 security counters ... classic example of paranoia with security was when i landed in Newark and i was thumbing through my passport and a security guard yelled out "Put your phone away !" , i looked around and noticed he was yelling at me ? No i didn't say anything , are you mad ! I calmly put my passport higher above the woman in front of me so he could see i wasn't on my phone ... he looked embarrassed and i thought i was done for . He turned around and went back into the room where they send the bad people LOL ... now i don't mean to offend my American friends , i love your country and the people but the security stuff has to ease up a bit . I felt like i was gonna get dragged out of there by my hair because i was thumbing through my passport waiting to go through customs . 

Those United flights were almost as awesome as my last meet up with Chris Fetters when he brought me into the lounge where i hung out with him for the last bit before our flights ... too bad our flights both didn't go through Newark :( Fetters went through JFK (i think?) and we both had layovers . Fetters' was 6 hours and mine was 4 which ended up being 5 with the flight delay .... When i landed in Newark i couldn't get on the free wifi because you have to download some app that is sold through the app store but it has to come through the American app store and my phone is registered as a Canadian account so i can't purchase apps through the American app store LOL ... with all this technology at our fingertips and its so far away ..... oh well . I just sent Imessages to Kathleen the whole time and listened to some tunes  .... Both United flights were very good . I would definitely consider using them again but probably not with my hockey gear ... it's always gotta be Air Canada with my gear as they allow sticks for free , remember that guys/gals !!!! wanna bring your sticks and gear go with Air Canada :) 

When i got to Toronto i couldn't get my data working on my phone because there is this app i have to remove from my phone when using Rogers here ... its annoying to say the least , so i couldn't use Uber and had to settle for a taxi :( when i got home i had to pack my hockey gear and head out to play a game for my Ghetto Blasters ... Tom came to pick me up and we headed to the rink where i told the guys i was dead and awake now for 22 hours with no sleep ! Before we left the room i reminded them that i might not be at my best and we stepped on the ice .... one of the first shots on me beat me five hole and it wasn't pretty , i skated behind the net and slapped myself then got set back in my crease . That was the only goal i gave up on the night as i stood on my head the rest of the game while i stoned the shit out of the opposition to help lead my team to a 3-1 victory over the Wheat Kings . Not sure how i do it sometimes , i guess its adrenaline but sometimes when i feel like i am in the worst shape i play my best games .... is my mind compensating somehow to pull my strings like a puppet ? Whatever it is , i hope it works again in 2 weeks when i get back from Spain and head to the rink immediately like i did this week LOL .

Yes i am heading off to Spain :) Taking Kathleen for her birthday to visit my good friend Richard Pilkington who recently moved there . No equipment again , but this time i am meeting up with some hockey players in Benalmadena,Spain that play in the local ice hockey league there and i will also pass by a small ice rink in Gibraltar to go pleasure skating ... unfortunately there is no ice hockey there .... maybe i can push them in the right direction ? 

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