Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back in Europe

I know I live such a tough life :( travelling around doing this and that while all of you scratch your heads wondering if I have a job or if I am rich or how does he get so much time off work ? Well keep wondering LOL ! Regardless I ponied up the loot to get my ass back out for another non hockey related adventure this time with Kathleen . 

This one is for her bit of course for me too but really this beach adventure is not my cup of tea but I'm willing to bite the bullet to head over to Spain to hang out with my mate Richard . Oh yeah this is for Kathleen so I won't be too selfish LOL ... Apparently some people out there actually think I'm selfish ? Ok maybe a little but I swear this trip is just to make my lady happy after her ordeal :( 

Her arm is still in rough shape but she is gonna motor through the next week drinking sangria's and eating seafood while chilling on a beach or in a pool ... Yeah it's a good thing for her ! And of course there is always the possibility of hockey but once again I am travelling without my gear ...

Now don't get me wrong just because I have no gear doesn't mean there is nothing hockey related on the schedule .... The town we are staying in is called Benalmadena in the south of Spain near Malaga and there is a small rink , unfortunately it's closed at this time of year BUT I am planning to meet up with one of the guys that plays there to talk about their league . There is more too :) When I get to Gibraltar I am gonna go for a pleasure skate on their super small rink and hopefully find someone to talk to about the options to play there in the future . 

Anyways I think it's time to start boarding my last flight from Zurich so I should get going .... Hoping to find the time to write between pints over the next week . Cheers ! 

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