Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Rock Of Gibraltar (part 1)

This is gonna be like a tale of 2 cities except this is about my 2 visits to the top of the rock ... The first time I headed up was on my first day in Gibraltar right after leaving the ice rink we walked over to the cable car and headed up on our own with no guide and no deal . When we arrived at the cable car I asked for a ride up to the top , not a return but was charged for return and wasn't offered or told of anything else I would have to pay for . We took the cable car up but never took the return ... You ask why ? Well when you get up there you have to start walking down the mountain to get to the historic sites! 

Yes there are monkeys everywhere and yes they will harass you if you harass them OR if you have food so don't take food up there because they rule the rock . So when we got off cable car we decided to start making our trek across to O'Hara's Battery which is a murderous  half kilometre climb which took about 20 minutes to get up :( when we reach the top there is a guy locking the gate so I went over and asked why they are closing early ? He tells me they have special permission to film there and nobody can enter ... Ok that's fine and dandy but why isn't there a friggin sign at the bottom of this hill where it says that O'Hara's Battery is opened ??? And why isn't anyone telling us this on the walk up ??? Well that was shitty so we walked down ... Headed to St. Michaels cave and found out it was £10 each to enter ?!?!? Ok I'm not paying $40 Canadian for the 2 of us to walk into a cave for 10 minutes ...

Ok so we decided to make the trek down to the Apes Den which was free :) yeah only free thing on the rock ! The walk from site to site is non descriptive as there is not too many signs hanging around to let visitors that are walking know where they are so what we thought was the Apes Den might not be the Apes Den ... LOL . Also by this point I am wondering what they do with the money they gouge people for ? There is garbage  everywhere !!! Maybe they can spend some of that money on cleaning up the rock ? 

After seeing some monkeys at what we thought was the apes den we headed across the rock all the way to The Great Siege Tunnels ... Another £10 entry fee ... WTF !!! Is this a joke ? So if I wanna hike the trails and see the sights I have to pay around £60 which is equivalent of $120 CDN ?!?!? Wow this is a massive tourist trap ... Usually it's cheaper to do these things on your own without tour guides . We start contemplating if we made the right decision ... If you like walking for over 3 hours and spending loads of money then you made the right decision , and if you are trying to budget yourself then well this is a bad choice ! 

We hiked down to the Moorish Castle and it was another £10 entrance , ok this is ridiculous ... I paid £13 for a cable car ride walked forever got turned away from locations and had to pay an arm and a leg to see sites which I refused to pay so much to see ... Obviously I will write later about how easy it was to do this with a tour guide .... I gotta go enjoy the beach now :) 

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