Friday, May 22, 2015

The Middle Seat

See that look on my face ? That is a look of discontent . I don't know why I booked Lufthansa since they are the best in the world when it comes to going on work strikes :( no that didn't happen ... It could as technically I am still in transit sitting in Frankfurt waiting to connect to go to Birmingham , England . 

The flight here wasn't all that bad only problem is I requested a window and got a middle seat . Oh you can imagine the horror when I realized I was gonna be trapped between 2 strangers ... Lucky for me they were both women ... No they were not hot ! Sorry guys , I know it would be awesome if I had 2 smoking babes to sit beside but that only happens in fantasies . 

The fact that I was stuck between 2 females was great , I mean I could have ended up sitting between 2 sumo wrestlers !!! Yikes !!!! So all is well right ... Ummm yeah kinda ? The one chick reeked :( like bad B.O. It made me dizzy but that wasn't the worst part . The whole flight was a battle for the arm rest ....

Here is the discussion ... If you are sitting in middle you should have rights to both arm rests ? Shouldn't ya ? I mean buddy at the window has it made and aisle seat has quick escape ... That leaves me in the middle ... I've always given that middle seat person right of way with arm rests ! So why didn't this stinky chick ? Am I wrong to assume that ? Honestly leave a comment if you disagree but give me reasons . Let get this shit clarified :) 

Anyways I should probably find my gate sit around and I guess wait .... Can't wait to get to my hotel .... Next time we will talk about airport toilet etiquette LMAO 

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  1. Common courtesy says aisle and window seat give shared arm rest to middle seat.