Thursday, May 21, 2015

That Feeling

Today is the day that i have been longing for ... finally its time to head off on a holiday . No hockey equipment and I'm going back to the place where i was last at ... same airport and everything . Back to Birmingham , England :) Feels really weird that i am not packing up my goalie gear and the bag i will be rolling with me is much much smaller then the one i usually roll around ... i wouldn't say its better because i always rather have my gear in tow but this is something i personally need to do ... things have been rough as of late and its time to let loose !

This post is all about that feeling you get on the day you fly away on your own . Do you know what i mean ? I mean if you are a lone wolf then you have no problems with being alone but even for myself who i admit i am a travel junkie , the idea of leaving to the airport and leaving the country and being alone getting across the planet sends a bit of an eerie feeling in my bones .... it's almost like a high . Yeah i know its a bit odd but I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets that buzz or excitement the morning you wake up and jump on a plane . Could i be wrong ? Am i the only one that gets that ?

Now that all being said when i get moving and jump on my 2nd plane in Germany i won't have that same buzz ... is this more confusing ? Remember i am a goalie , i get hit in the head with ALOT of pucks LOL ! So maybe its just me .... but i doubt it . And to further explain this rush ... when i get back to Toronto and take off on my next trip (Spain) i will be with Kathleen and i probably won't feel that same rush ? Maybe it would be a good experiment to see what Kathleen's buzz is like hahaha ! Its' probably just me .....

When i get into that Uber ride to the airport today it will seriously kick in that I'm ALONE !!!! Not quite like being alone and being hunted down by a psycho murderer alone , more like in my mental state there will be some peace knowing that i have to be alone to attain that mental state of happiness (travelling) once arriving in jolly old England . Its sort of like the calm before the storm but through all this energy you can feel like this storm is gonna be mental and not mental like crazy mental like monumental :)

I guess i will do my daily posts in my hungover state while travelling whether there is hockey or not ... I'm sure some of you will find my stumbling around England amusing :P i know i will ! There will be some hockey related stuff on the way too , there always is ....


  1. I thought you got a ride to the airport?

  2. Post was written in the morning . Things changed obviously