Friday, May 29, 2015

Ice Hockey in Sheffield

Would you be surprised if I told you I was gonna play hockey on this trip ? Even though I never planned to ... Probably not a surprise eh ! Well here is the kicker , I was planning on using Dazza's spare kit to play out . Not in goal .... Yeah we discussed this when I arrived before the scotch took hold of my brain HAHA . So yes this was a sober decision ! 

First things first ... I need bacon and Daz and Mark took me to the Tinsley Transcafe which is a greasy spoon that just happens to be an ice hockey shrine for local ice hockey teams ! Apparently everyone that passes through Sheffield stops here to eat ... Guys like Theo Fleury even passed through to try out the food and see the historical stuff on the walls including a picture that even has Daz in it ... He never noticed it before yesterday and he has been there many times :p great hockey breakfast ! I would highly suggest any hockey fan pass through this breakfast joint :p 

After our big breakfast we decided to go on a nice long walk around Daz's place . It was so beautiful !

Walking along a few ponds/lakes and through fields that brought us to a pub named George and the Dragon . Yes we ate after walking off breakfast had a pint then walked back LOL . The walk back was easier but honestly I was so fattened up that I probably could have just rolled myself down the hill hahaha ! 

When we got back to Dazza's we were all tuckered out . Mark had to go and Daz and myself decided to take naps :) I love naps especially pre game/skate naps but I have to be honest I was kinda nervous about skating on player skates as they are higher off the ice then goalie skates ... The way I see it is like me going from flat foot shoes to stilettos , meaning I will be able to walk/skate BUT it won't look pretty ! 

When we woke up we packed our hockey bags jumped in the car and started heading to Ice Sheffield ... Then we got the call .... Ice time was supposed to be 10:45 -12:15 but the organizer failed to mention we had our time moved to 9:00 pm :( to make things worse I was told that the rink probably was not in use anyway and the children that run the rink are more inclined to go home early rather then make the rink some money ???? Really ! Apparently playing hockey at shitty times is not enough for this mismanaged arena . They want to take ice times for hockey and use it for pleasure skating ! Yeah how messed up is that ? So what does that young kid that learns to skate do when he wants to play ice hockey ? I guess he has to move to Canada because the way ice is managed here it seems as though they don't give a shit about ice hockey ... Guess they don't notice the 10,000 people walking by this rink to go watch Strelers games ? It's just across the road so it's not like you need binoculars or something :p 

Anyways I wasn't disappointed as I never planned to play any hockey on this trip but it would have been funny seeing pics of me without goalie equipment on hahaha ! Maybe next time . 

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