Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scotch & Whiskey

Yesterday I made the trek from Birmingham to Sheffield via National Express ... Had breakfast first with my buddy Richard at Figure of Eight which of course included having a pint :p when I got to the bus terminal I made my way to my bus departure door waited and when the bus arrived it unloaded and the bus driver comes along and tells us "there was an accident on the motorway I was delayed 45 minutes and by law I must have a break so the bus is delayed for 45 minutes " ... Ok National Express ???? I guess there weren't any other drivers ? Bring off schedule is ok ? Seems wrong doesn't it ? Anyways I waited and got on 45 minutes later .... 

When I arrived in Sheffield my buddy Dazza picked me up and we went shopping for nacho ingredients which is one of his specialties ! When we got to his place I cracked a beer and gave Sarah a hug and then Dazza's mates came by ... One of em is already a good friend Mark Cooper whom coined the phrase "all hockey players are beer monsters " LOL ! The other fella i met once before when I went to see his band perform at The Cross Scythes ! 

Leon's band is called The Fargo Railroad Co. , they are an up and coming band out of Sheffield who play Southern Rock style music ... If you are into that genre or country music I would highly suggest it so check it out ;) Leon used to play hockey so I told him about being The Travelling Goalie , gave him one of my books and he gave me his cd then we all watched the teaser for my show and after listened to his cd which coincidentally was recorded @ The Cross Scythes on that same night I was there . Yeah it's a live album . It's great , please check it out online . If I were at home I would add a link but I'm not so google it !!!! Now !!!! 

So while Leon and myself were cross advertising each other last night I was doing some drinking ... Leon didn't drink but Mark and myself did ;) I brought a small bottle of Crown Royal whiskey to sample and we drank most of that and yes we drank it neat . Then we guzzled the Monkey Shoulder scotch and hit up the Aberlour which was pretty rough after  the other 2 ... It burned my eyes when I took my first nip and that's never a good sign . Sorry Mark you get the A++ for effort and now I know what it tastes like :( not for me .... 

Eventually people got tired . Leon left and Sarah had to get to work ... Tried to stay up to watch the NHL game but the alcohol had done its duty , it was time to sleep ...zzzzz....zzzzz ...

Didn't plan to play hockey but now it looks like I'm getting on the ice in players gear !!!! Yes not as a goalie ... Hard to say no to the game I love . 

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