Saturday, May 30, 2015

Marylebone Travelodge

This is one of the worst hotel experiences  ever ! I arrived here in London yesterday at around 1:30 pm and as usual in money grubbing London they tell me at the counter that it's £10 to check in early ... No this doesn't happen everywhere else as you all know but happens here all the time . I won't have it so I ask to leave my bags , they tell me I'm lucky and that they are one of the only hotels to allow baggage storage which is total bullshit ! So I left my bag and went down the street to Vodafone topped up and grabbed some McDonald's and made a £10 bet on Villa to win ;)

Now when I was at the hotel earlier they asked what name rooms are under and i said it was Paul Harris that booked it ... They said he has only 1 room booked so I tried to message him with no luck ... Obviously the hotel made a mistake . Well when I came back to check in it was about 2:05 and I asked if they would put me in the room they said its £10 ! Really for 20 minutes you can't make your customers comfortable ??? Wow ! 

They made me wait the 25 minutes in the lobby then when I finally could check in without being ripped off they asked for confirmation # ... They never asked or mentioned it at 1:30 or at 2:05 but now it's 2:30 so they can check me in ???? Does it make sense .... How thick are these people ? So my phone was dead and I had to charge my phone for 20 more minutes before they reluctantly put me in a room ... 

My driver to go to my BBC interview came to get me at 4:30 pm and I headed off ... Interview was awesome ... Headed back to hotel between 7-8 pm . Now I was expecting to be sharing a room so I thought there would be a bag in there ... When I got to my door the key wouldn't work so I went to the front desk got the card working went to my room and started getting ready to go out .... Paul's phone died so I was told to chat with Richard and I realized I was in a room with 2 bags set up on each side of the bed ???? Wtf ? So there is 3 in my room ??? 

Facebook went down and my phone was on fritz so I lost contact and started wondering what is going on so I went to the counter and asked if there is a mistake ? They don't know because they don't take note on who is in which room ! Wow isn't that a MAJOR safety issue ? What if there is an emergency ? Don't they need to know which rooms to evacuate ??? Apparently they don't care here ... Maybe it's £10 for them to give a shit about you here ! 

So here I am sitting in the lobby asking the hotel to put me in my proper room and they are telling me that our 4 rooms are all full leaving me the odd man out ? But they don't know who is in what room .... What a disaster ! The man at the counter tried his best to help me out but his supervisor came up with this brilliant idea ... Lock the other 2 guys out of my room and when they arrive we will decide where I go ?!?!? I asked him to give me his supervisors address and said ok when I am woken up in the middle of the night that I will go to his supervisors house , wake them up and tell them to switch rooms ... He replied that he doesn't think they will like that and I said well do you think I will like it ? And do you think the other 2 locked out will like it ? So if we go with this plan there will be more pissed off people ! 

I sat in the lobby until 11 pm . The hotel refused to put me in a room and my one night in London was wasted away !!!! Finally Paul walked in the door and said I was in a room with Chris Fetters . Why Chris wasn't put into my room will baffle me as that is the most obvious decision to make isn't it  ? Why move the guy who already checked in ??? Why not message or tell me or have the hotel know about it ? This was the kind of surprise I did not want and never want again . I wasted a lot of money to come here to sit in a lobby while my friends went out and had fun . 

At the end of it I ended up in a room but let me be very clear that nobody should ever consider staying at the Travellodge Marleybone in London . It was the most uncomfortable experience knowing they hand out keys to rooms like candies and the safety issue of them not knowing who is in what rooms is very scary . The management do not care about you or your stay and in fact your comfort means absolutely nothing to them as they sit at home denying you of everything you have paid for ... In fact if you pay them £10 they will give you some minor preferential treatment if not you can become a front foyer ornament like I was as I spent a total of 5 hours before and during my stay here . I still can't believe they put 2 people in my room and then said they didn't know I was in there ... I hope the people who absolutely ruined my trip here get to read this because I will never forget this horrible experience at by far the worst customer service oriented establishment on the planet ! 

If you are ever in London , avoid this place like the plague ! 

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