Thursday, May 28, 2015

Keepin My Promises

This is my Aunty Carmen . She is 76 and I love her to bits ;) 10 years ago when I was double crossed by this guy in Amsterdam I had no where to go to and when the bikers deported me , I ended up in Liverpool . I had no money and no one else to turn to except my Aunty and she took me in . 

She lives in Solihul near Birmingham which is a few hours drive and had to come pick me up from John Lennon airport but she didn't hesitate and I ended up staying with her and the rest of my family there for 3 weeks as I tried to get help from the rest of my family and each and every one of them turned their backs on me :( 

All I needed was $350 to fly home from Cardiff and NOBODY not even my own mother would lend me the money !!! How awful is that ? I was robbed , deported then had my whole family turn their backs on me but the whole time my Aunty was there for me ! They ended up paying my flight home after housing me for 3 weeks and the one thing my Aunty wanted was a bottle of ice wine ;) 

That was 10 years ago and I still don't talk to most of the cowards in my family but I am still in touch with my Aunty, and I love her more then ever ! I should have got that bottle to her years ago but I always seem to end up in England as my last stop on my tours which means it's hard carrying a bottle of alcohol around the world for weeks but on this occasion I was coming directly to England so I showed up with a bottle in tow . 

It was a couple days ago now that I ended up getting that bottle to her ... Unfortunately I was in rough shape from all the alcohol abuse from the night before :( had a bad hangover until I saw the look on her face when I gave her that bottle . Ice wine in England is really expensive !!!! I saw bottles that go for $45 selling for £90 ten years ago ... That was and still is really expensive . 

The moment I gave her that bottle she smiled and she knew that I kept my promise even though it took a long time to accomplish . She drank half the bottle while I sat with her chatting about everything under the sun and I kinda wish I brought her 2 bottles ... I didn't make her another promise but I'm sure I will bring her more in the near future. 

There was more that happened that day but it's really irrelevant to my life as this meant a lot for me to keep that promise ... Mission accomplished :) 

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