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Cold Blooded Sports

People always ask me about my travels and one of the big questions i get asked is , how do they get equipment over there ? Yeah that is a great question , so on my last trip out to Scotland i went to visit Cold Blooded Sports to find out what it takes for them to get equipment and what the costs are .  The results from my questions were not even remotely surprising . Obviously the question about goalie equipment was tops on my list . Chatting with Pamela Maclean & Eden Davidson because shop owner Steven Gardener was busy sharpening skates as hockey season is upon us and tryouts were a plenty in this part of the world . I found out that all the distributors don't send out equipment for sizing ??? yeah kinda tough if you go buy a set of pads and they show up and they don't fit right ... can you imagine ? 

This small shop has a lot of heart though and i am really happy i visited them and personally saw first hand how much they do for their community to help the game grow . When i got home i sent them a few questions which they happily answered ... here are a few of them ....

Is there any specifics you would like me to mention about how long you guys have been in business or what made you mad enough to try opening a hockey shop etc ? 
Cold Blooded Sports was established in August 2011 and the store opened on 12th December 2011. After a very quick planning period, we opened our doors to cater for the Christmas rush. In hockey season 2012-13 we sponsored the local Elite league team Braehead clan until last season (2014-15). We have also sponsored of 2 local recreational hockey teams, Paisley Blackhawks and Glasgow Mustangs, since season 2012-13
Our latest sponsorship is with the east coast team, Edinburgh Capitals. We are also personally sponsoring James Wallace, a young Scottish player as well as 3 of the Solway Ladies: Amanda Murdoch, Michelle Howie and Ruth Wallace. The Solway Ladies team is a new female team, playing and competing in the English ladies league and are based out of the Dumfries Ice Rink. We are continuing our sponsorship of the local recreational teams Paisley Blackhawks and Glasgow Mustangs.
Our latest press release blurb is:
“Cold Blooded Sports are Scotland’s newest ICE HOCKEY and FIGURE SKATING specialists. Established in 2011, the CBS team works hard at providing a friendly informative service supplying all your Ice Sports equipment. They cater for everything from hockey boots to figure skates, protective equipment to sticks. With a highly trained team of technicians, they offer high quality skate maintenance, tipped as one of the best in the business. The team have exciting new projects in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled!!”
I think you guys mentioned that you all still work other jobs also to maintain ? what are your "other" professions that you left behind . any specific stuff will help me make this better . 
Steven now is full-time with the shop for the last year. Prior to that he was a sports coach with a local sports centre. He started working in the ice rink/sports centre as an ice steward when he was 17 and was moved to a dry sports centre to be a sports coach when the ice rink closed. He has also worked as an Ice technician in Braehead Arena as the same time as starting the business and maintaining his job with the sports centre.
Graeme and Patricia (Stevens Mum & Dad) were both involved with the Paisley Pirates during their time playing at the Lagoon Leisure Centre. Patricia was Treasurer for the supporters club for many years and a huge pirates fan. Graeme was the equipment manager for the team for many years through their time playing in the lagoon. When the rink closed in 2006/07 they fell away from ice hockey, until the shop was started and the Braehead Clan starting playing at Braehead Arena.
I was a pirates cheerleader until I was 18 and a big hockey fan of the Paisley Pirates during their time at the Lagoon but fell away from it around 2001. I was working towards a Business degree from Uni of the West of Scotland when we started the shop in 2011 and graduated in 2013. I currently work as a part-time Secretary with the Uni.
Steven and myself decided to utilize the skills we had together and start Cold Blooded Sports. Steven has the equipment knowledge and understanding of the sport, and myself with the Business Degree and admin skills to help run the business. With the amazing help and support from the family we make a brilliant team. We have grown rapidly and are going from Strength to strength.

Tell me more about Hector , your mascot also please . 
Hector was designed by Graeme (Stevens Dad). Hector was designed and released as a CBS brand, where not only will it identify the shop but it will be the start of our own clothing and apparel range that will grow into many many more products.
Hector is a mean hockey-playing Eskimo, but we also have the mean weight-lifting Hector for our gym clothing range coming soon.

Its pretty clear that these guys have committed themselves to this project ! If you are ever in Scotland looking for a stick or even a good skate sharpening  PLEASE don't hesitate to visit these guys . You won't be disappointed . And if you are a hockey rep out there for Bauer or Koho maybe think about sending this shop some gear to use to fit goalies properly , help them help you guys sell your stuff !

On a final note , Cold Blooded Sports is starting to brand their own clothing ... i got a couple awesome t-shirts and a hat from them , this jersey i'm seen wearing was given to me by my good friend Robin Elliot who actually introduced me to this shop so i gotta thank him and all the people at Cold Blooded Sports for being so amazing , keep up the great work ! And yes we can't forget Steven's little apprentice Eden :) 

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