Monday, August 10, 2015


Just waking up to hear the horrible news about my team back home . We had a playoff game last night and we were winning 6-2 and blew the lead and lost 8-11 . You ask how the fuck does that happen? Well I will tell you and I wasn't even there . My team has this thing where they think scoring wins games ... Yes it does but at certain times you have to know when to sit back and frustrate the opponent . So even though I wasn't there I can say I know our defence kept rushing the puck and our forwards never drop back and I'm sure there were 5 or 6 breakaways because of this . This is not team hockey ! It's fucking shinny ... Before I keep ranting about this you red to know the team we played was the last place team LMAO ! 

I see that the other team used an ineligible player they played 1 game this season when the rule in the Westwood Hockey League states every player must play 5 games to be eligible which means the league is supposed to call that game ineligible and default the game which means we should get the win and go through to the next round . It's up to the league to uphold their rules so I expect to get an email at some point stating so but if not there will probably be a nice blog post in the near future about the league ... Knowing I would be absent and that goalies need to be eligible also , I added a back up goalie to our squad and even got him eligible . We are a team that follows the rules strictly . The Westwood hockey league should realize we have been there for 3 years now and if this does not get changed then we probably won't return as their prices went up this season quite a bit anyway ! 

This happens all over the world with politics over ruling rules that leagues have made up . Some teams can follow them and some teams must follow them with rules being regularly broken for certain individuals ... I might get this excuse which I heard last winter ... That guy actually played for them for years so we will let him play ? What really ! So he couldn't show up all season but now he wants to play in the playoffs ? Last winter we made it to the finals in the DMHL ( downtown men's hockey league ) the team we faced in final was last place team in regular season which is 6 or 7 months long . They beat us in Game 1 and had a skater that was ineligible and of course he scored the winner ... When I approached the league convenor he told me that guy has played for them for years and used to run the team , he moved to Edmonton and just moved back ... Obviously this is a new rule that the rest of us weren't privy to ? So they let the guy play ... We went on to beat them but imagine the horrible taste in my mouth when k confronted the league only to hear this bullshit politics for beer league hockey ... How about this for a rule . Stick to your rules ! 

I will be sending this to the Westwood Hockey League and  I hope they will uphold their own rules . 

Do The Right Thing and forfeit that game , no bullshit excuses please ! 

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