Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don Valley Vikings

Yesterday I woke up in Bitmingham and I went down to the front lobby to ask for a late checkout and they were really nice and let me stay until 1 pm as my bus was leaving at 1:45 so I didn't want to check out and end up sitting at the terminal for hours . You would think there was some form of communication between the front desk and cleaning services ? Well apparently there isn't ! I had to get up 3 times to tell housecleaning that I have a late checkout and the last time I had a rude woman who I ended up telling to fuck off and leave me alone after she made a snyde remark to me as if I was working for her ! Yeah I put her in her place ... Overall though my stay at the Holiday Inn Express at Snow Hill was very good . The free breakfast is awful though ... No bacon :p

Took an uber to the bus terminal . No I can't take public transi and I can't walk it ... Honestly can you drag 75 lbs of gear around for 20 minutes ? And have you ever stood on a packed train with a goalie bag , sticks and a backpack ... If you haven't I suggest you try it before judging my decision to take uber ... For the cost it's worth it . Trust me ! When I got to the station I grabbed some munchies and soon after the bus loaded . May I just bitch about one more thing ? ... I hate people that sit in the aisle sit with window seat open because we all know that you are being assholes ! If you wanna sit on your own then rent a fucking car and drive asshole . Actually as I'm sitting on a bus now the person near me is doing the same and I hate it . Should've asked her to move .hopefully she get some monster of a human sitting on her at the next stop LOL ! I guess that's what I get for travelling ghetto . 

Her bag is too important to go under the coach and overhead , and there is no room on the floor beside her feet right ? If you are this person, I hate you :p 

I arrived around 430 pm and Dazza gathered me at the terminal and we went for some kebab and chips , I couldn't even eat half of my food there was way too much ! Sarah showed up when we arrived with our bounty of food and we all chilled out before our 10 pm ice time with the Don Valley Kings . These guys are a great organization from Sheffield recently celebrating a big championship ! They will also be my team mates in NYC at the end of October as I'm gonna go play for them . I know most of the guys like Jonesy ,Jack ,Rikk and the rest are all cool guys too that seem to all get along for the most part . Last time I skated with their B team but this time they brought out most of the A guys and they were pretty good ! 

So as of recent I have joined a gym and I've been killing myself to get in shape ... It's not easy ! And for the last 2 weeks I have not been on the ice but I've been in the gym like 15 times (seriously!) so I had mixed feelings hoping all the cardio I have done would help ... It didn't :( after the warmup I was gassed . It was also my first time on ice since cutting my hair short so my mask felt weird on my head but enough of the excuses , I played like shit for the first 30 minutes then it all came back and I wasn't gassed and the puck wasn't getting past me so much and I felt more and more like normal as the ice time went longer then the hour we had booked . I lost count of the score but I think it was pretty much a tie or we might have won but really it didn't matter because we all had fun . It was also cool that Ergun Gokce who I met in Senden, Germany years ago took the time to drive up from Derby . Great seeing you buddy ! Still think you should have scored on that breakaway :p 

All in all it was a great skate with a lot of great people that made me feel welcome as I probably should anyways . I've been here 3 or 4 times to skate with these guys . Did I mention that Dazza runs this team? Maybe that's why everyone is so cool with a guy like Daz as their leader I can see why guys are the way they are ! 

After the skate we grabbed a couple tins of Stella and shot this shit until we crashed , thank you Dazza and Sarah for letting me crash there (again ) also thanks for sorting my ice time and setting me up with your mate in Glasgow who I'm on my way to see right now ! Thanks Don Valley Vikings , look forward to seeing most of you in a couple months . I especially loved finding that selfie on my phone when I left the rink HAHAHA !!!!


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