Sunday, August 9, 2015


Set my alarm to wake up at 5 am and my alarm went off at 5 am but for some reason it was set to German time ... I used my iPod Touch and the last time it was in was there so it makes sense kinda ... Still it was shitty . I killed time and headed down to the lobby to check out , store my hockey gear and get the beers I left in the fridge in the office ... Yeah the guys working at the Holiday Inn are cool ... Then I called Uber and headed to the Broadwaters Inn in Kidderminster. When I arrived Ben Mitchell was there but had to go pick up people at the train , which I should have taken together save cash but whatever ! It is what it is now ;) so I started drinking , it was 7 am .

The bus for Bournemouth left at 8 am . If you are wondering what I'm talking about then let me fill you in . I am an Aston Villa supporter and at this moment I was going to watch the season opener vs. Bournemouth which is historic as its their first game ever in the top league . Ok so i am at the back of the bus drinking my 4 tall tins of BrewDog beer (YUM!) having such a good time , everyone was bursting with excitement and we all had to piss , maybe that was what was making us burst hahaha ! 

Obviously we went to a pub when we arrived and it was packed with Villa fans which is always amazing ... I saw so many of my friends including Craig Allsop who told is the pub next door was a sports pub so we all went there to watch Man U(re) play Tottenham who scored an own goal to lose the game :( that's when the Jäger bombs started flying , after I left the pub as I'm walking to the ground I spewed hard and just kept walking , yeah I know I shouldn't have chugged 4 Jäger bombs in a row ... Oh well , pass me a pint ! 

The games atmosphere was nice , haven't been to this ground since 2008 as I am a partial supporter of the Cherries also ... Their fans were awfully quiet though and were out sung by 1200 Villa fans which is nothing new since we have the best fans in the world ! The game itself was pretty good , both teams had chances but Villa capitalized with a beauty header from a corner by our new boy Rudy Gestede . Great start for our new striker ! Rudy ! Rudy ! Rudy ! We all went bonkers when the ball went in ... Young Gaz ended up on the seats in the row in front of us LOL !!!!

When we left my good friend jet lag showed up and I passed out on the bus ... Of course me mates had to take advantage of the situation so they took pics of me while they were doing shit to me like putting their fingers in my mouth LOL , fucking guys hahaha ! Thanks for putting it on Facebook too . When the bus approached our  drop off I was woke up and I forgot Peevers flag on the bus . I'm sure it will find its way back to me ! The night was still young so Ben and myself hit the pub and basically stayed until it closed as we had some great conversations with the locals mostly talking about Villa , great little town Stourport is ! On the way back to Casa  Mitchell's we stopped for some munchies and that was that my day has come to an end , but what a day ?!?!? I got wasted , puked , watched Villa win , passed out and had friends abuse me while I slept ... Would you say I'm having fun? Just a normal day with me Villa mates ! 


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