Saturday, August 15, 2015

What A Mess !!!

Had to wake up early to catch my bus from Glasgow to Birmingham . There was much to plan as I had so many people to meet up with ... My cousin Paul was to meet me at Digbeth bus station and we were supposed to go to my hotel to drop my equipment off and check in , then we were gonna go meet Richard for a pint at The Windsor Pub . After that I had to get over to The Aston Social to go meet some other friends then off to the Lions Lounge to meet Paul Harris with my tickets which is where I was supposed to meet my buddy Karl with his ticket ... That was the plan that took me days to sort out ! This would have been perfect if my bus arrived on time 2:30 pm . 
That didn't happen ... 

So when I got on the bus I was tired and planning to sleep and yeah as you see in the pic I had a big lad passed out on me and that didn't last long but was funny none the less ... The guy was nice enough and all the people on the bus were friendly with each other . Unfortunately we were all gonna be delayed due to some accident on the M6 . See they don't do things the way we do back in Toronto , if there is an accident you just simply block a lane or 2 . That won't work here apparently LOL ! So they just close down the highway in both directions ???? Yeah talk about fucked up ! This put our bus on a 1.5 hour delay :( my cousin waited from 2:30 pm until I arrived at 4 pm . We jumped in a taxi and got to my hotel by 4:30 ! This is a 10 minute drive regularly but due to this road closure the whole city is almost at a stand still . It was announced earlier that the motorway should be open by 4 ... Never happened . 

Meeting Richard at the pub ? Yeah that idea went away and now it's just lets get to the Lions Lounge to get our tickets and meet up ! I wanted to get there for 5 originally so I tried rushing by calling an uber ... I got around the corner , paid £5 and decided to take the train ... New Street Station is a disaster of unreal proportions and we squeezed onto the train by 6 pm , yeah time is just burning away ... Every minute that passes is one less pint :( finally arrived at Villa Park and got into the Lions Lounge by 6:30 pm ... I met Matthew Haywood who set me up with my FA Cup Final ticket and bought him a pint , Richard , Ronnie and Dawn met me in there too and even saw Elvis ... Yes the one and only ;) no sign of Karl yet though ! 

Me and my cousin got to our seats for kickoff in the Lower Holte and I held my phone in my hand waiting to hear when Karl would arrive at the late gate . When he did I rushed down and missed the only goal of the match that Manchumpster United scored ... Fuck ! We got to our seats and watched the rest of the game which Villa lost 1-0 ... I was hoping for a better result but it is what it is . My take on the game was that the club doesn't look like the hapless bunch they were last year under Paul Lambert . They didn't give up and we didn't sit back which makes for better entertainment ate the least . I'm still positive about the season ahead for us Villans to cheer for ... Bluenose scum think we spell out fan base name wrong apparently they know how to spell ? Inbred bastards ! 

After the match we headed to the Lions Lounge had a pint then headed to the Aston Social to have another but we're not allowed entry because apparently they were trying to close ... At 11 pm ? And the place was still bouncing inside so I'm not sure if the doorman just didn't want me in or not but regardless that sucked ! Probably won't go there again after that reception .... The doorman was an asshole ! And that wasn't the only doorman I had to deal with that night . 

We walked my cousin to the bus and saw him off then walked over to my hotel ... Jury's Inn on Broad Street which is a jungle on weekends ! Karl had to use the toilet so I offered to use mine , when we arrived at my hotel there was a doorman ?!?!? He asked for my name , hotel room and all this shit and I told him I'm a fucking guest here ! Told him my friend needs to use my toilet and he told me he can't ? He is not allowed upstairs ? What The Fuck ! So I approach the counter at front desk and I tell whoever it was there that as a guest I don't appreciate this treatment , he snidely tells me it's for my own protection and I told him that I can protect myself and I don't need this harassment ... The guy was not dressed up and I assume he was the night manager , he spoke to me like an asshole would and I told him I would write about this ... He clearly said go ahead so here it is ! After I'm done writing this I will go downstairs to leave my business card and I will send this to his superiors . Maybe being a dickhead to your paying guests is not a good idea ? Maybe having a security guard with a guest list at the door is a little too much ? How about just locking doors and guests can use their cards to get in just like the Hotel across their road ? And most of all don't fucking tell me that I can't bring my friend up to my fucking room !!! I paid for it and he's not staying . Or how about this ... Teach your manager to treat paying customers with respect instead of acting like a piece of shit ! 

I like the Jury's Inn , my room is nice and clean but I'm sorry that experience last night really didn't make me want to come back . I expect to receive some form of compensation or at the least an apology for being treated like shit ! 

Maybe I was just a bit upset after all this day's events but at the end of it I'm a paying customer and I should be treated with respect . And as I told the idiot at the front desk ... I'm a writer and I will write about it ... Nuff said ! 

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