Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to the story at hand ...

Right now I'm on a bus to Sheffield for my first ice time with my good friend Darren Allott aka Dazza !! Gonna get on the ice with some familiar faces before heading to Glasgow , Scotland :) earlier I woke up with a bunch of messages about my Ghetto Blasters losing our playoff match and I got a bit carried away and forgot to write about yesterday . 

I spent the night at Casa Mitchell's aka Ben Mitchell's place :) thanks for letting me crash on your couch buddy ! I woke up feeling fine but I guess that's because I ralphed half the booze in me out the night before ... Unfortunately Ben was feeling shitty and slept in while I wrote my blog post and watched footie . Once the sleeping bear awoke he took me to the Holly Bush and I got on the piss while we waited for Karl McNelly to come get me (again) he was on the rough side too :( but in true trooper fashion they both sucked back a few with me ! 

Last time I was here with the same situation Karl picked me up and took me to this great Indian BBQ joint called the Vine in West Bromwich or for those of you that don't know it's Baggies Land . Now I have nothing against Baggies but they didn't like seeing me walk into this fine establishment with my Aston Villa top on ... Regardless to say I did it again hahahaha !!!! No dirty looks this time and no comments as I was ready to tell them to "mind the gap" as I was instructed to do ... Right Ben ? 

Anyways I wasn't feeling so awesome and I left the establishment with a messy bathroom ... No I'm not gonna describe it you sick fuck lol ! And after that I left as fast as possible :) We decided to have one more pint so we went to BrewDog and of course I had a lovely Punk IPA which I really should bring home with me . I can't say enough good things about this Brew Pub just do me a favour and make sure you all go there if you ever end up in Brum , don't think twice ! Just do it ok ? 

My stomach was still twisted and I had to escape before making another messy mural and said my good bye to Karl and next thing you know I was in my hotel room back at the Holiday Inn Express at Snow Hill ... I left my gear there for my Villa adventure to Bournemouth instead of dragging it around with me ... If you travel with gear and wonder what to do with it if you are taking a non hockey related side trip then always consider using the same hotel and take advantage of their storage room ! Obviously this only works if you are coming back lol ... Do yourself a favour and call them to see if they can accommodate or not as you never know what is going on until you call . I can say now that I'm glad I did that rather then leaving it at a friends place and having to chase them down ... Been there and done that and trust me it's a pain in the ass relying on people . 

I think I should take a nap on the bus now ... I feel safe knowing the Kiddy Lions aren't around to take amazing pics o me while I'm sleeping HAHA ! Yeah I know you're taking the piss :p

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