Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Flight From Hell

That smile above didn't last long as the next day after I had to wake up with a hangover practically still drunk and had to check out and catch an uber to the airport ... Saw the dickhead night manager at the hotel which didn't brighten up my day either and headed to the airport . I booked to fly home with air Canada but the carrier ended up being United who don't give a damn about my Air Canada status which allows me free equipment handling and want me to pay $ 350 U.S. to bring my stuff ... I almost ditched my sticks and at the end of it just had to pay $75 to have their handlers treat my big like a punching bag :( yeah hey beat it up ! 

Security lineup was fine and it looks like I got a preferred seat with more legroom ... Hold on this is not the rainbow , this is the gates of hell ! Yeah you would think this is my lucky day right ... WRONG !!! I get on the plane there is 3 seats in the row and nobody is beside me or beside the guy in front of me until the last second when  a couple comes on with their 2 little children . The husband sits in the aisle seat and has one of the little demons in his lap while the mother is in the row in front of me has her demon with her ... These 2 little demons screamed like banshees the whole flight and needed 100% attention the whole flight for 7 hours I saw the airline attendants giving them the evil eye and looking at me with condolences while many times I saw other passengers looking at them with death threats surely be in cast their way with Jedi mind tricks LOl ... I can joke a bit now but really I have never heard 2 little humans scream so much . All I wonder is why airlines allow babies to travel for free ? Is it worth making the paying customers suffer ? Do I need to pay to ensure this punishment? I almost ran off of that plane :( 

When I landed in Newark I had to get from terminal C to terminal A and our plane arrived early thankfully because it took me 2.5 hours to get from one gate to the other ... I had to clear customs , grab luggage , drop off luggage then clear security to get on a bus to another terminal which I had to leave then go upstairs to clear another security point and then find my gate which I am not even remotely joking when I say this but there is no signage for any of this at all and in fact some flight boards didn't even say which terminal my flight was leaving from ??? Newark airport = Mega EPIC FAIL !!!!!! Note to self ... Find another way to travel from Birmingham like walk to the coast and use my bag as a floatation device would be better then what I endured ... 

Oh I forgot to mention that the gate called me on the loudspeaker ... Can Adriana Mizzi come to the gate ... Umm its Adrian and A is my middle initial . They apologize and tell me my bags been damaged ... Great thanks ! I go back to my seat and a few minutes later they call for fucking Adriana Mizzi again .. Wtf !!! This time they bump me to business class :) ok things are getting better ... This flight was comfy and a nice snack and yeah it helped but then we landed . We sat near the gate for a half hour ? Wanna know why ? ... Another flight was boarding an they couldn't let passengers cross each other . Yup very co-ordinated it seems .

Had no problems at security even the stupid machines gave me no problems and I got a taxi which ends up taking the long way and when I ask where he's going he tells me 427 is jammed and we will take 27 ... I told him that the 2 come together anyways and he say one of his friends told him to do that ? When we pass 427 it's empty and flowing and there was no traffic ??? I'm done with taxis man ! When we arrive I didn't tip him as most uber drivers don't take tips and it's got me thinking that I'm not gonna tip taxis anymore , they are scum bullshit liars anyway that are against uber so why do I want o support them anyways so that's my stance in protest . 

The reason I wanted to sleep on my long flight was so I would have some energy for my Ghetto Blaster semi final game which I have to play within hours of landing . The reason that half hour delay got to me was because I didn't sleep on the first flight so I hoped to take a nap at home ... That was all I wanted ... And when I got to the rink to play my game , yup you guessed it ! I played amazing and we won 3-2 and really I stood on my head :) as a goalie sometimes I have no clue why but I play my best in my worst conditions . If you are a goalie reading this you probably understand and if you aren't you probably just think we're crazy anyways . Hahahaha! 

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