Sunday, August 16, 2015

Last Day is The Loneliest

Yeah it's been a great trip but just as everything else there is an end coming and yesterday was my last day of my fantastic trip to the UK . Waking up knowing that the party is over kinda sucks but you get used to it after awhile . My agenda yesterday included getting some packing tape to repair the hole that Lufthansa created in my bag and as usual I had to load up on McCoy's crisps and Galaxy chocolate bars to bring home ... Yes I know I'm supposed to be on a diet but I just can't resist LOL ! First things first though , I'm hungry :) 

So I head out to grab a bit and right before I leave I get a message from Richard and we decide to meet up for a couple pints , I gotta eat first though ! On my way to New St I see all these owls that are decorated very artistically and it's quite nice to see all the city enjoying them . All these artists did a great job ! I wanted to go to a Wok & Go which Chris Fetters showed me last time and the other day I looked for it and couldn't find it , so this time I googled it and of course it took me to a shop that was now closed and here is the kicker ... I didn't think it was here anyway ? Thanks Google , you are as useless as ever ... Pizza was on my mind also and bang there is a nice Italian joint there so I pop in and notice they have pepperoni on the menu which is kinda rare outside of North America . 
I'm not exaggerating when I say the pizza at La Vera was beyond fantastic , anyone from overseas visiting and craving pepperoni pizza should try this stuff out ... I even told my server how amazing I thought it was ... She looked surprised :) 

After pizza I headed to The Windsor which is a pub and met Richard , we had a few pints and chatted with a Kenyan fella about pretty much everything ... It was nice but I had to say bye as Richard was to start making his trek back home ... Gonna miss ya buddy ! Always a good time hanging out with ya and I'm sure I will see ya soon ... Now I'm alone again ... Went to Poundland and did my one stop shopping for tape , crisps and chocolates and decided to head over to the Birmingham Markets to see if I could find some curry or scratchings or a new Villa belt buckle which I didn't but opted to wander about and see the shops to kill time ... Yeah I needed to walk off the pizza too lol ! After all that walking I needed a nap hahaha ... So I headed back to my hotel to squeeze in a few zzzzz's . 

When I woke up from my slumber I had made plans to meet Karl for a few last pints but again in my mind I thought to grab a bite to eat .... We were supposed to meet at 9 but that turned into 10 and I ended up gorging myself at 5 Guys which was way too much ... In fact I  still full now the morning after :) part of me wanted to drink and the other part wanted to sleep ... After much discussion between my two alter egos I settled for getting wasted ;p well not too wasted . So I sat in Victoria Square kinda a bit depressed knowing that this is it . Then I headed over to The Railway and had a pint ... Karl showed up then his mate Steve showed up and we finished up and moved over to the carribbean restaurant which for th life of me I can't remember the name atm ? Took half hour to get 1 yucky beer then I bounced and went to BrewDog for some real beer :) chugged a couple pints and that was it ... Said my byes around 1 am and walked past all the extremely drunk people to get to my hotel ... Funny thing is people drink so much here they actually have ambulances sitting at the taxi stand to give you options to leave LOL ... And yes I saw a few taking the unhealthy option . Oh to be young and dumb ... Too bad I'm just an old fool hehehe ... With 3 hours sleep I'm none the better right now am I ? 

Bye Birmingham ... As usual I'm gutted to be leaving ... The road can sometimes be lonely but I always know I have friends in good 'ol Brum :) 

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