Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back in the UK

Alright so I haven't written anything in a while and you are probably wondering what I'm up to ? Or maybe you aren't but you are reading this anyway ... Alright you twisted my arm ! I'm in England and I'm gonna head up to Scotland to play some puck this week ... This is where you ask why and I don't answer because it's a stupid question . Or maybe I just tell you anyways but you should realize it's mainly because I'm addicted to putting flags on my stick bag , close enough eh lol ! 

I flew over with Lufthansa ... As you can see above the baggage handlers fucked up my bag , again ! Seems to be a regular thing with Lufthansa ? Yeah it's almost as if I should expect this airline to lose or destroy my shit ! Maybe it's my fault ? I mean I don't know how tough it is being a baggage handler ... I never went to school for it or studied the art but I do know if I see a bag with wheels I don't usually pick it up ... Why would you ? There are friggin wheels on It lol ! Can't win all the time ....

The flight over was meh , I had a couple beside me that made me want to choke myself ... Couldn't tell who's head was up who's ass but I can tell ya that they must have just met hahaha ... And by now they probably broke up . Best wishes :) didn't get much sleep on the plane and when I finally arrived in Frankfurt my main issue was finding a plug to juice up my phone . Always the same shit here , finding a power outlet is like finding money ... I looked and searched high and low and finally hid behind a Lufthansa counter and blissfully powered up my phone as I will need it when I land in Birmingham to call an Uber .

Of course I couldn't get an Uber at BHX so I settled for a black cab and paid through the teeth . When I arrived at Holiday Inn Express at Snow Hill I looked attack the driver and said "no wonder Uber is doing well" , the taxi didn't love it but I couldn't care less . Fuck you taxi driver , I'm the one paying ;) back to the story ! I had to get my ass over to Vodafone to get my phone sorted then I had to go to the bus terminal to get my tickets for my coming travels then I had to get my new Villa top :) yeah I am going to watch a couple games hahaha ! 

I met up with my buddy Karl McNelly at BrewDog Pub which has amazing beer , we had a few then crossed the street to have some jerk chicken at Turtle Bay which was so yummy then we went back for more beers at BrewDog :) before I headed back to the hotel I grabbed a few tins to take on the bus to Bournemouth ... Which reminds me , I gotta head out now to meet my buddies to head south now ... The adventure continues :) 

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