Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Registering My Gear

If you did not know this already .... i prefer to fly with Air Canada or Star Alliance flights . Air Canada never charges for hockey gear ... they have a policy where you have to call in to register your gear , you can register your gear with up to 24 hours left ... its getting close for me now i think i have like 37 hours until i leave . I tried yesterday but there was a 3 hour wait on the phone line and you can't do it online unfortunately .

This morning i woke up early and tried again . It said a 25 minute wait so i decided to follow through ( i am still waiting 39 minutes ) this snow storm that is going through Eastern part of the country is hampering this for me as i am sure people are calling in to rebook flights due to cancellations ... yeah sucks for me but its probably worse for those stranded .

I get asked a lot about how i travel with my gear , there is your answer if you were wondering .... just read above LOL ! When i am not on these aforementioned airlines i usually try to sneak my gear on as ski equipment :P no joke trust me it works ... most of these people have no clue what a hockey stick looks like anyway . It is unfortunate that even the people working for Air Canada can be air heads not knowing their own policies ... that is why i print out the sports equipment policy page just to have proof . Seriously it comes handy and i have pulled it out on many occasions . So even if you fly Air Canada be prepared ... some of you may remember my anti Air Canada rant years back when i had a huge "discussion" with one of the managers at the desk there .... still can't believe he didn't know the policies of the airline he was working for , regardless i taught him :) hopefully he is not there tomorrow LOL .

I have a hockey game tonight then i have to dry and wash my gear for tomorrow's departure ... stay tuned for some crazy stories . I can almost guarantee some crazy shit is gonna happen to me over the next few weeks hahaha. Just remember if you see me don't be scared to buy me a beer ! Cheers .

PS ... 50 min waiting to change my booking :( and still waiting .... 

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