Saturday, December 28, 2013

Coast 2 Coast Restaurant

Here we go ! Just a little warning ... Tonight I went to a restaurant called Coast 2 Coast on Broad St. with Kathleen and Karl ... The service there is spectacular , seriously it is . Unfortunately  my food wasn't :( I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and when it arrived I noticed it didn't have bacon , and I put my own ketchup on it , dressed my fries then decided I wanted my bacon . Called waitress over and let her know . She checked order said that is what she put in and took plate away ... Now under normal circumstances they should remake the whole meal . Well within seconds my food came back and I was suspicious ??? Fries were different but they decided to slap bacon on and send me back my now cold burger ... 

I am not about to be duped into paying or eating cold food so I asked for the manager . He came and I asked if they thought I was stupid or something and pointed out that they sent me the same burger back but with bacon this time . I asked if this was a regular practise for their establishment and the manager was embarassed ... Rightfully so . The manager asked if I wanted something else and I asked if he were me would he trust the cooks after this ? I don't think he would and anyone that would should be ok with eating out of a dog bowl . Gross ... And no I didn't say that to him lol . The manager tried his best to make up for it by not charging us for our meal and gave me coupons which I told him there was no way I would ever use . Regardless I took them and gave them to Karl . I told him it was a horrible experience having cooks trying to fool me with their lazy behaviour and that it sucked sitting there watching my friends eat . I also told him whoever did this should be fired ! And I hope he does . 

I can be quite stubborn and the bottom line is don't mess with my meals . I think what they did was absolutely disgusting and I just feel that I should share the experience with you all ... You can agree with me or not but the bottom line is I won't eat food coming from a kitchen that has already tried to trick me into eating shite food . Be warned that if you are in Birmingham , UK don't eat at Coast 2 Coast on Broad St !!! 

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