Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not Yet Completely Booked

Those of you that travel and do anything as crazy as i am doing realize that it is not an easy process . Most of you that do resort to travelling with travel team like the Rainman All-Stars where everything is set and organized for you . I do this mostly but a lot of the time i am organizing my own add- ons to those trips . Like when i leave in a couple weeks i am going to hang out with the Rainman All-Stars but i am also taking off for the UK and Morocco on my own .... these are the 2 places on my trip that i have yet to book my place of residence .

Last night i finally gave in and booked my flights with Air France to go from Stuttgart-Birmingham and Birmingham-Munich ... i was hoping to get a cheap Lufthansa flights that my buddy Karl booked but it never came down in prices . So all my flights are booked and now i have the hardest part ... firstly i have to decide where to stay in Birmingham ? I land at 1 pm and have to be at Villa Park before the 3 pm kickoff ! I will have my backpack so i have to decide if i want to just get a room near the park , in the city centre OR somewhere on the way to the park so i can stop and swiftly drop my bags while checking in in one fell swoop .... probably best bet is to get Karl to get our tickets and i just meet him at Villa Park . Yes this part of my trip has nothing to do with hockey :) i love Aston Villa football and if i am in Europe i have to stop in to watch a game ... it is my duty LOL .

Morocco is another hotel i have yet to book .... Adil is trying to find out where is best to stay ... so far it will be near the rink (diplomats all live there ) , or in the city where i would probably have more fun . The problem is that i have to see what works best for my hosts as i will have a driver picking me up for my ice times and hopefully for some leisure activities too :) I don't want to book a hotel and end up in an area that would be difficult for my hosts to arrange rides for me ... it is the considerate thing to do . I leave in 13 days so time is starting to run out and hotels are starting to book up for my dates so guess what i am doing over the next few days .... time to start researching . Sometimes i wish i had someone to book my trips for me LOL .

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