Sunday, December 22, 2013

Couldn't be Happier

What a day ... Woke up freaked our still as my gear was AWOL still. Checked online then got message from a friend back home about pestering the airline ( thanks Niva) so I did ! When I called, the operator hesitated then said my bag was located in Paris LOL ! It will be shipped immediately ;) 

No clue when it's coming . Really I have to keep enjoying myself so we plan on going to the Ritter chocolate factory mmm! Damn I love this chocolate and so does Kathleen so it was natural for us to go there

So I bought like 23 bars and other bags full of chocolate ! Should keep me happy and in a chocolate high for a month or so lol . It was a good day an was getting better since we had more hockey games to watch :) unfortunately Rainer was out of commission ... He stayed out late both nights and the nightlife manager was tired ;p 

Did I mention there was a twitter campaign launched to help me get gear ? I am not on twitter but was told it was getting responses ! Maybe I should start an account there to find this ... Needless to say I am happy that people care and were very supportive in my time of need and I hope it doesn't happen again .

So before going to the O2 World we stopped into our apartment to drop off the chocolates and blam !!!! There is my bag ;) big smiles all around . We went to the rink and watched a couple amazing games and we drank beers and made friends all in all a great day in Berlin . I truly love it here and could probably live here if I had a good work opportunity such an awesome city ! 

Before I forget we also bumped into the Eisbaren Berlin players at Vapiano then to top it all off we got pictures with the European Trophy ! What a day ... Today is the final between Farjestad and JYP ... It should be a blood bath . Sweden vs Finland ;) can't wait !

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