Monday, October 21, 2019

Back Home

My flight home from Kazakhstan was absolutely horrible ! Love it when I’m travelling and find out that my flight is scheduled for a stopover in another city without any warning ? Thanks Expedia for dropping the ball on that one . When we stopped in Astana the plane opened up all doors and had us sitting on the plane freezing our ass’ off at around 4 am while the passengers leaving left and the plane was boarded then which ate up roughly two hours of my day yay ! When I arrived in Frankfurt I was much happier as it is one of my favourite airports to stop into and while I was there I grabbed a coffee and found my next flight with ease . 

Next flight was to beautiful Manchester and I don’t think I would want to travel through this airport again as I was in one terminal where I had to clear customs to get to another terminal where I had to clear security again .... and with little time I did some jogging through the terminals to find enough time to do my duty free shopping which I can say was pleasant as the ladies helping me out were really friendly and amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ I smelled like shit though and that is always not fun as it’s hard to shower when flying so long and far . Maybe I should carry deodorant with me ? The baby wipes helped a bit wiping the stinky sweat off my armpits as I boarded my next flight . When I got to my seat I noticed some rows were empty and there was a woman sitting in the row in front of me ...someone told her she was in their seat so she moved to another seat where someone else told her to move and I’m sitting there wondering why she isn’t in her own designated seat ? Well she must be onto something because she ended up with a row of three seats to herself and I ended up with a .... hold your remarks .... a bluenose !!! Most of you know I’m and Aston Villa supporter and if you didn’t know , a bluenose would be someone that supports the team we hate the most . Small Heath Alliance aka Birmingham City aka scum ! We had a laugh and to be honest the fella was actually ok for a bluenose and we had a good chat about the state of footie today . That flight was alright too and when I got off the plane I said bye and told him Shit on The City ๐Ÿ˜ we both had a chuckle and went our ways . 

My bags took forever to arrive , so long that I went to report them missing and was told they are still en route to terminal and this was over an hour after landing . I was dying ! By the time I got home I was actually 29 hours in transit from the point I left hotel in Almaty to the point I walked in my door and all I wanted was a shower and some Swiss Chalet which for the record is a million times better then Nando’s . Kathleen wasn’t home so I got comfy and waited for her to get in so I could get my birthday presents and I was not disappointed one bit !

She got my Guinness Book of World Records certificate framed , and framed a poster I got in Australia last year which also is amazing and she also bought me a pack of really really thick cut bacon ๐Ÿฅ“ so thick it’s called Steacon lol ! And she knows I enjoy growing plants so she bought me some Maltese Cross seeds that really made me happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ our garden was destroyed a few years ago by the asshats that maintain the lawn ....they tore out my Maltese Cross and I wanted to kill them and could never find that same plant again until now . Unfortunately not everything I got was great though .... I must have caught the flu on one of my many flights home and today more then a week later I’m still struggling with it and the stupid jet lag I’m feeling . Last night was the first night I slept over 4 hours and still was awake by 2:30 am ๐Ÿ˜ค it’s ok as it gives me time to talk to my friends in New Zealand and Australia as I’m planning my next trip . If everything goes as planned I should be somewhere in Asia before hitting up the tournament in Adelaide and then going to play in the Masters tournament in New Zealand which looks pretty awesome . Best of all is that I get to see all my friends from that part of the world .... now I have to decide where to go before ? I’m thinking ๐Ÿค”....Malaysia ? 

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