Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trying to Play Catchup

This was my last day in Benalmadena ... It was quite the subdued day as we relaxed and watched Hateful Eight which was a solid movie ! It was so long we watched in 2 parts lol and in between we decided to do our laundry and go for some Italian food for lunch on the boardwalk which is seaside . Last time I ate around here I had an awful steak that tasted like fish :( yuck ! So pasta can't go wrong , I picked something that even a baby couldn't mess up and ordered spaghetti bolognese ... Our server was less then interested to serve us :( when he approached his first words were "what do you want " not hi or ola or how are you ???? No introduction or anything , regardless we had to flag him down if we wanted anything ... Mamma Gina's definitely needs some new wait staff as I see all the lovely comments about them on trip advisor . We didn't even tip the bastard actually we thought gratuity was added but in fact that was taxes being shown lol ... Regardless he didn't deserve a tip anyway ;) 

After that we went back to watch the remainder of Hateful Eight then decided on dinner at Toro as Emilio's was ok but we wanted something different . So we walked over to the marina and it was closed :( but there was an Argentinian grill open so we ate there .... Yeah we didn't do much aside from watching movies and eating . I had a lomo , fantastic ! At the moment I can't remember the name of the place but it was fantastic ;) great portions and there wasn't a single complaint from our table  in fact it was quite the nice meal all around . We then walked back and started to watch the British gangster flick called Legends which is about the notorious Cray Brothers from London ... Another great flick ... Too bad I missed the ending due to the drama I am dealing with back home .... 

My Ghetto Blasters play in a weekend league called the Downtown Men's Hockey  League or DMHL for short . Before I left I got our schedule contacted league to make sure it's set in stone then got a goalie to replace me while I'm gone .seems pretty simple as I have covered all angles right ? Nope the league without any notice switched our game this week for this weekend . I'm travelling on vacation and really I shouldn't be dealing with this but I have no choice . The league offers to contact my team for me and I said no so they did anyway but not only did they contact my team when I asked not to but they blamed the time change on me ???? No joke ! The email the league sent my players basically stated they changed this over 2 weeks ago ???? Wow what a blatant lie ! Ok so now who is running this team ? If you had to guess ??? I mean I am not running it , my team mates don't understand that this day , rink and time change screws a few of our players ... Not all of them but enough that I have to fight for this ice time back which now has magically disappeared ... Sounds fishy ? I can smell the rot from here !!! So the league keeps lying to me and my team mates and at the moment there are 2 things that can happen A) my team forfeits , I laugh hard at the league and fight to get game replaced or B) the guys show up and I relinquish the team and the league can run it since they already are at the moment ? Does this sound like the kind of bullshit you would want to dealing on your holiday ? So for that I would like to say fuck you Rick Borg , fuck your stupid league and we will no longer give a shit about our weekend squad .... This will be our last season participating in your bullshit league . I really hope the league reads this as I feel that the league lying and flat out ignoring my requests is simply bad business ... I hope my team forfeits . This way you can tell the opposing team some more fucking lies ! Keep covering your ass Rick with lies . Great idea . Don't take the blame yourself for fucking everything up , that would be stupid to blame yourself and be a man about it . The DMHL can suck it .... Rant over . 

So this shit consumed my last day in Benalmadena and has carried over into Portugal .... It's not easy to have fun with this stressful bullshit on your mind is it . Anyway I'm probably going to quit playing weekends and will let the league run the team . I'm so turned off by all of this ... This is the politics of hockey that no one likes :( 

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