Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Fitting Last Day in UK

This is it , the inevitable last day of my trip ... the day i never look forward to :( i mean i am happy to go home but sad that my trip is ending and at this point i am fearing the flight home due to the massive ear popping i have been experiencing over the last couple flights and the whole time i was in Andorra . I think it has to do with this illness i am carrying with me that is heavier then my goalie bag ... yeah i think i have got my point across . This sucks ! But it is what it is and my flight won't be delayed for a few more days or anything crazy like that and i sure as heck hope not because i do have a game the day after i arrive back home with my club the Ghetto Blasters . 

It was the morning after the Villa game and surprisingly i didn't have a hangover ??? yeah i am surprised too . Aideen is still around and we usually meet up for a bite to eat before she leaves and we have eaten at the Briar Rose before so we decide to meet there and boy oh boy what a mistake ! It is full as usual and our breakfast is cheap and cheerful , well maybe not so cheerful as its burnt but not burnt as if overcooked . Its burnt as if something was burnt onto the pan or grill prior and was not scraped off ??? The food was gross and i can still taste it days after ... i was hungry and gobbled it all anyway even the fried egg that came with no whites ??? yeah the egg was just the yolk part with most everything else cut off , guessing the next person got the better part of that deal ! Regardless to say i won't eat at this shitty place again ... YUCK ! After we ate we walked over to Second Cup to kill some time and have a coffee ... i started to feel sick :( barfey sick ...

Kathleen said it was probably my hangover but i still believe it was food poisoning of some sort . We headed over to New Street Station where Aideen bought her ticket to get to the airport then we all said our good byes and went back to the desk to get Kathleen's ticket for her trip down to Bournemouth . I wasn't feeling well and i knew something was up . I was not going to abort my mission of going to do my last minute shopping that i usually do .... so we went to the Villa Shop on New St. and i grabbed the pillow case and hat that i wanted then went to Poundland to get some Galaxy bars and McCoy's crisps to take home and stopped in at a shop to get groceries ... while i was in the Villa Shop i almost puked but fought it off ... it wasn't good . Somehow i made it all the way back to Jury's Inn and made it up to my room as fast as possible then SPLAT ! Yup .... i barfed hard ! Thanks Briar Rose :) it tasted just as shitty coming up as it did going down and thankfully i bought a bunch of fruits to refill myself with ... oh that was so gross ...after this i passed out , for a while ...

When i woke up i was hungry and i had made plans with Karl McNelly to go watch his team the Birmingham Rockets play . Before that i had to go eat one more meal at Turtle Bay which is this Carribbean joint on John Bright St. down near the New Street Station . I love the food there and it is a good atmosphere to have a last sit down meal with Kathleen ... just the 2 of us :) I had the steak and Kathleen had some chicken dish which we both enjoyed then rushed back to the hotel to get my Rockets jersey on before meeting Karl . When he arrived i jumped in the car and off we went to the rink in Solihul . Its funny because the game isn't until 830 but we headed over at 7 which got us there roughly an hour before game time ... i asked why ? apparently people enjoy hanging out before games not like back in Toronto where people show up with seconds to spare then take off as fast as they can ... its more like a community then an exercise session LOL . I try explaining this to guys back home and they just don't get it :( sad but true . Anyways it was great seeing the Rockets play as they went on to pound a team from Milton Keynes who drive out for the day then drive back home again hanging out and having fun together for the most part ... strange isn't it ? nope ! kinda wish my team would do stuff like this . 

At the game the guys that aren't chosen to dress and play show up anyways to hurl insults at their own team mates ... in a joking manner . I told them we don't do that back home or people get upset , but over here in the UK taking the piss is joking around so if you can't handle a bit of the truth then stay home hahaha ! Best one i heard was Hey HANDS ! KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND KEEP YOUR OTHER CHIN UP TOO ! apparently the lads think that he's put on a few pounds as of recent and the chanting at their own goalie HAZEL ! HAZEL ! was kinda odd too until he gave up a barn burner goal from center ice :( i had a chat with him and he got his shit together to eek out the win which Karl scored the winning goal in ... again the joke for Karl is that he does his best work on the ice is from his knees LOL ! During the game i had a few beers with Ritchie Longmore and his missus Amy Harris who are both Baggies fans (ugh!) we had fun though and i wouldn't have wanted a better way to end my trip off . After the match i had a beer in the room with the guys then we were off to drop me off back at my hotel ... when i got back Kathleen was sleeping , it was after midnight and i have to be up at 5:30 am ... that's that .... trips pretty much over aside from the flight home . 2 more ear aching flights ... boy i can't wait :( 

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