Friday, January 1, 2016

End of 2015

Wow my head is pounding !!! Yesterday was definitely an interesting end to the year . We started the day doing laundry ... Yeah ya gotta do it when travelling for extensive periods . Thankfully Richard has a great little machine here that we used then hung clothes to dry and then we started our day by heading out for breakfast at Rima which yes included beers lol ! I had a bacon egg sandwich which was not quite enough but was good and then we headed off for a coffee  down the road . 

It was about 22c yesterday , sun was shining and we headed back to Richards for a chill out session which included watching The Revenant which was really good . When the time came we headed to El Naranjo where we had a reservation ... The food there was so good :) Kathleen and myself split a pork rib meal which was a rack and a half of yummy pork and it came with salad , potatoes , desert and a bottle of wine . I don't drink much wine but I helped guzzle this bottle .... Oh and the best part was the price which was €32.95 . It was a great last meal of the year . 

We then headed up the hill to the square where all the festivities were to happen ... It was 11 pm and it was a ghost town ??? Yeah I thought it would be rammed but it wasn't ... People told us not to worry and they were right as it got really packed just before midnight . We met up with Shane and Vicki who are friends of Richards and are also Villa fans ;) they had beers with them that they kept feeding us , thank you ! They also told us we are supposed to eat grapes at midnight ... 12 to be precise , apparently 1 for every chime of the clock . It's supposed to bring you luck ... I hope the 1 grape I ate brings me enough luck hahaha . 

When the clock hit 12 I'm not even sure if it was actually midnight as I think they started the countdown prematurely lol ! It was good fun with people dancing to the live music and drinking ... Until this d-bag sprayed us with this foam shit .... Yeah I didn't take that too kindly and we asked the guy not to do it again , his buddy chimes up and says what's the big deal and I said that I don't see any of this shit on you ! So yeah for you it's no big deal but I'm covered in it and it's in our beers !!! These 2 dumbass' were Americans ;) keep making your people look good with your dumbass attitudes .... They are really lucky I didn't dump my beer on them , really lucky !!!! Anyways we chased em off but I was still angry about the whole ignorance these 2 dumb people showed everyone ... I'm pretty sure we weren't the only people upset with them .... 

The party kept rocking until 5 am and so did the beers ... At the end we were all tired and went back to crash ... I'm still in bed now .... I don't want to get up but I probably should go have my first cup of tea for 2016 . Happy New Years to everyone except those 2 American wankers LOL !!!

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