Sunday, January 31, 2016

Settling In

Came home sick and on my first skate i blew out my knee ... to this day i really don't know how bad it is , and no i haven't been to a doctor yet . Why do i want to know that i shouldn't play hockey and shouldn't be working ? That is my problem right now ... I'm not playing hockey but I'm still working and on my feet all day and I'm not sure what is better at the moment . Do i go see a doctor find out the truth of it all and end up staying home with no work for a few weeks thus dashing my dreams of my next hockey adventure OR do i keep working and hopefully it just miraculously heals itself :) . I don't think in the long run the option i want to take will help . Now don't get me wrong ... this isn't as bad as it sounds but it could be , I'm just not sure .... i am definitely not a doctor but i do know what i can't do and that is playing ice hockey .... yes this is truly and seriously killing me and rotting my soul !

It's crazy that i get hurt on the first play in the first game that I'm back home isn't it ? Is that my luck or is it karma or wtf ! Not gonna get too stressed over it though ... i have a day off on Thursday and i plan to take a trip to the hospital and spend the day there playing Angry Birds while waiting to get some proper care . Living in Canada we have this thing called free health care , well yeah we pay for it with taxes but it gives me the right to go to a doctor or hospital free of charge . Well here is the thing though OK ... i don't have a regular doctor , i am kinda stubborn and like to self medicate and such hahaha! If i did have a doctor it would not do me any good anyways because the doctor won't have the proper machines to scan me anyways , so the trick is to just go and sit it out in the hospital ... yeah i might be there for like 8 hours BUT i will get everything done instead of having 3 or 4 appointments before figuring out the problem . I am glad that this didn't happen on my travels ! I mean how crap would it have been to not be able to skate in Spain,Portugal or Andorra !!!! c'mon i woulda lost my shit if that was the case ... i shouldn't even dawn on the idea of that as it makes me stress lol .

At least work is busy , and that is the problem also . If it was dead here and i was sitting at home i probably would have gotten my knee checked out but because i am a freelancer that means i have to work when there is work available or miss the gravy train to my next destination which looks more and more like i will be returning to England on my way to mother Russia :) yes i really want to go there and i have been working on making it work ... main thing is that i need money , which means i have to work , which means i can't sit at home if the doctor tells me to ... which ultimately means i can't play hockey :( now through all this i am staying positive but inside the thought of all this is kinda upsetting me so yeah ... I'm settling in ! I guess time will tell right ... and maybe a trip to the doctor won't hurt ? Some days are better then others but right now my leg is kinda locked up , today will be a day of icing and elevation .... tomorrow i go back to work . Argh ! 

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