Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'm sick :(

Holy shit I woke up yesterday with this water fountain that I call my nose and yeah I felt it coming but being the macho idiot I can be I refused any drugs to battle this . First thing I did yesterday ... Went to the pharmacy ! Got me some pills and started chomping away ... They didn't work immediately and it was rough but I battled through and thank goodness yesterday was a down day . We just wandered around drinking coffees , eating some found and constantly blowing my nose which I kinda feel embarassed doing but what else am I to do ? At least I'm not spreading germs like some people out there ! 

Main objective yesterday was to find a laundromat ... Not as easy as you think ! Even concierge at my hotel didn't know where to go ! Honestly don't travellers coming here wash their clothes ? Might be a good business to start yeah ? Well it took us forever but we finally stumbled across this place off the beat and path and they were about to close for stupid siesta :( so we chilled out and went back at  4 to drop our stuff off ... If not it was the old shower wash which I am not opposed to doing but a nice wash and dry is much better .... It cost us €13 which isn't bad but it still leaves me wondering if all the rich people visiting here do their own laundry or maybe it's true that their shit don't stink , well mine does ! Stinks like roses lol :) 

Now that laundry is dealt with there is a bigger thing to figure out ... Where to watch the Aston Villa match today ? Hmmm ... I browsed online an found this place called Tic Tapa so we went over there and asked if we could watch the game , they said yeah ! So we went off to eat ... That was a bit of a struggle too as Kathleen wanted to go to this Mexican joint which we got lost looking for then when we found it , it was closed . I'm stressed , sick and hungry ! We opted for the safe option at Forest Cafe again and I had chicken wings which I could not even taste . A few pints should cure me though right ? 

When we got to Tic Tapa the guys were sorry to say the Villa match was not on but there was a mixed game on tv with the channel flipping between the EPL games ... A bit disappointed but I understood the problem so we had a pint . The guys working there were amazing ! Seriously !!!! One of the guys found the game online on his phone brought his phone to our table and let us watch it on there while the mixed game was on too :) really how nice is that eh ? Solid . Another cerveza please :) and another and next thing you know Villa gets the W and I was happier then a pig in shit ... Some celebratory shots are in order . We tried some local schnapps and got our bill . Now I had 4 beers an a shot while Kathleen had a glass of wine , cafe con leche , ice cream and a shot also ... We thought it was gonna be like €30 but much to our surprise the bill was only €15 !!! We thought it was wrong so we asked as we don't want to rip anyone off and they said no it's right , and the shots are on us ... Wow how nice ! We left a nice €5 tip and if you are a Villa supporter ever travelling here in Andorra la Vella I would highly suggest going to Tic Tapas to watch the game :) 

I got pretty buzzed an it was time to crash out ... Took my last pill of the day and went to bed . Really hoping to feel better for tomorrow as its my last day in Andorra and my last ice time of this trip .

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