Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What’s That Smell ?

That flight sucked ! And the air I had to breathe when I got off the plane sucked the life out of me . Thought I was gonna puke 🤮. It’s the smoggy stench of death that slaps you across the mouth that gives you your first impression of India 🇮🇳 but honestly I haven’t really smelled that smell again so I don’t know if a) I grew accustomed to it or b) it just smelled bad in that spot .... regardless I was dead beat and a bit drunk when landing . Guess all those extra glasses of wine I was given helped ease the pain of flying Finnair . I know I was complaining a bit in my last post but before you pass judgement on me I need you all to realize that their shot service was extended to 4 of the 5 other team mates travelling with me . 

When we got off the plane we had to go to the e-visa counter to get through customs which was no problem and next adventure was getting our luggage . I found my bags first then I went to the carousel and my team mates showed up and the bags were already through but their bags were nowhere to be found . Yeah tell me about it ! Here in India I don’t expect things to be as on point and organized as things usually are , I mean it’s India right :) only my bag myself and Philip had our carry on because we had backpacks while the rest had small carry on luggage which Finnair wanted to put under the plane . I specifically heard Timo asking if the bags would go through to Delhi and the guy said yes .... unfortunately that didn’t happen did it ? Nope ! I felt bad for everyone and things got pretty testy with the gang being sent from one desk to another we quickly realized that things were gonna be difficult here . It was pretty warm out and I’m sure we all needed a shower and at least a nap but that had to wait as we had to catch a taxi to fit all our bags in . 

Of course we got ripped off by the taxi , pretty standard in every country around the world as we all know the majority of taxi drivers are pure scum :) I said most as I do know a few that do have some morals lol 😂 Rainer made a deal with the first driver and paid for both taxis and before the second one left someone came to the car and said we must pay 1200 rupees which we did no problem and we tipped the douche after too hahaha . Oh yeah can’t forget all the helping hands around that helped put one of our hockey bags on top of the taxi who wanted to be paid .... I refused that as I know better and let’s face it , wtf are you doing helping people at the airport if you don’t actually work there . Get a real job wanka ✊💦💦
This is nothing new in any 3rd world country . People are looking for a handout for offering help that is never asked for or really needed . It’s a total scam . 

A bit stressed ,tired and now after the wake up call with bag going missing I am not drunk but feeling hungover . I know , poor me right ? We got to our Ibis Hotel in Aerocity and I didn’t want to go through security without seeing my bag enter the scanner first , call me paranoid if you will but that bag means more to me then most other peoples lives , don’t take it personal ok 👌. When we got our rooms I just wanted to go upstairs and shower and take a quick nap before Onsey and the rest of our English team mates arrived . So I was a bit angry and got my room first and went upstairs and when I was in the washroom I felt dizzy like the building was swaying or something ??? Has anyone else had this ? No joke I thought I was dizzy and I almost fell in the shower and my brain was telling me it was an earthquake or something . Apparently a couple other guys felt this way too and it was only for a spare moment or two . If you have a theory as to what this is please comment below and let me and my friends know ! One of the guys said this happens to him whenever he is in Asia or the Middle East but I don’t think I ever remember experiencing this . I did get an hour nap in and then Onsey (Nick Onslow ) arrived at the room and I wasn’t about to stay in bed so I got up and soon after we went to the mall for a look round with Darrel Allen who is a Small Heath supporter of all things but he’s an alright bloke :) all my Villa mates will have fun hearing that hahaha . We grabbed a bite to eat and right off the bat here I am in Delhi breaking the golden rule of only drinking bottled drinks and not drinking ice as I had this sugar drink that came in an open plastic cup with ice in it .... I drank it then realized what I had done as I ate my veggie Indian food which was alright but not really my thing . All I can think of is Delhi Belly .... 

Went back to hotel and met the rest of the gang and had a few bottles of beer and then went back to the mall to show them around and I had myself a small chicken wrap . The food at the Ibis is ok but I’m not about to spend all my time there . Evening soon came and it was time to go for dinner so we all decided to go to the Marriott Hotel where Rainer is actually staying but never came downstairs as he was wiped out too . Food was great but a bit pricey . I had a water buffalo steak 🥩. Not quite need but it hit the spot . Time kinda flew as all 10 of us there were having fun chatting away as most of us know each other and haven’t seen each other in a while . Good times but tomorrow is another day so we had a stroll back to ours and had a couple beers before calling it a night . Tomorrow is tourist day and it’s time to catch some 💤 ‘s . 

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