Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Next Adventure

Been a few months since I’ve written anything ... time flies when you’re working and saving money for your next trip . Nothing exciting to write about while I’m in this state of mind which leads me to this .... now I have something to write about . Guessing you were wondering where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet . 2017 was a decent year but I had a lot of empty feelings about travelling .... and honestly I missed my travel buddies which I kinda fell out of favour with but we have reconnected and now plans are beginning to come to fruition . 

You’re wondering what’s the plan . Well originally the plan was to go to Australia in December but then this fantastic opportunity arose and I was asked if I would be interested in going to India to break a world record for game played at highest altitude ? This is a one off ! Rink will be built then donated to a new arena in Leh , India . How could I resist ? The event is being organized by my friends at The Hockey Foundation . Please check out the link and if you can make a donation every dollar helps ! The boards were purchased in Europe and are being shipped over for this milestone event . The Guinness Book of World Records are sending an observer to officially set the record which is not cheap but I’m assuming it will be covered with the $750 USD entry fee that we each have to pay . Oh trust me this trip ain’t cheap . 

Everyone keeps telling me how dangerous this is due to the lack of oxygen , now I’m not gonna say I’m prepared for this and that I’m a world class athlete or something but I feel confident that all the wind sprints I did on ice over the last few weeks should help and if not I have my Diamox which is to help defeat symptoms of altitude sickness . Can’t be too prepared and I highly doubt anyone can say they are fully prepared because apparently India is a country where nothing is safe .... especially your stomach lol . I got my Dukarol for that also .... it’s for travellers diarrhea and cholera .... always wanted to say diarrhea in my blog hahaha . So I’ve done my wind sprints , got my pills , got my e-visa .... what else do I need ? Oh yeah a sleeping bag . Apparently where we might be sleeping might not be a 5 star hotel :) honestly I don’t know what to expect aside for being cold and no oxygen and possibility of stomach cramps . Sounds like a great holiday eh ? 


I’ve had some help preparing for this trip also ... my old pads were so heavy and always were overweight Travelling and let’s face it ... they were outdated so my friends at Toronto Hockey Repair hooked me up with some sweet pads which unfortunately won’t match my teams jersey but will look good with the custom paint job I got on my new mask from Resurrection Custom Painting . I highly suggest dealing with both companies if you ever need new equipment or a great paint job . It’s been fun breaking in the pads over the last few weeks and getting used to a smaller glove but really breaking them in is nowhere as hard as it used to be when I last got a new set of gear which is roughly 10 years ago . 

So you must be wondering what the plan is .... well , I’m heading to Munich this coming weekend to meet my old friend Timo Korner and we are gonna possibly go acclimatize on a mountain and play some hockey with his Eisschlampen team :) and before we leave to India we will go watch an Augsburg Panthers match . If you didn’t know it’s a DEL club which I have been following for a few years now . Go Panthers ! When we get to India everything is planned very well including hotels , meals and tourist stuff thanks to Rainer Schmid and the Rainman Allstars and after we leave India I will Head back to Munich to meet The Tanzmanian Devil aka Andi Tanzer and we will enjoy the carnival going on until I head off to Aalen to meet up with Rainer once again but this time to jump into a camper van to go to Denmark to play in a tournament there :) that will be a lot of fun especially now that I know my buddy from Birmingham (Karl McNelly) will be there also with his Night Hawks team !!!! I am not too sure if Fredrikshavn will ever recover from this disaster lol ! 

You gotta know this is really happening when your room mate is in the local newspaper in Swindon :) way to be Nick . Can’t wait to see ya and before it happens .... sorry for the snoring 💤 

Nothing in my life will top this .... for now :) looking forward to seeing most of the same Rainman Allstars that I met 10 years ago (or more ) back in Bolzano . Oh and before I forget .... really hope the Island Monkeys joining us don’t play that Taylor Swift stuff in the “dressing room “ ! I quoted that because I don’t think we will see any dressing rooms hahaha . I’m looking at you Jonesy while I’m saying this :p stay tuned as I will try to post blogs daily along the way . 

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