Sunday, January 28, 2018

Is it fondu or fondue ?

And I got wasted again ... end of story ? Ok I was gonna leave it at that since I slept until noon and I have to get to Augsburg to watch a game . I will spend some time so you can hear about my awesome life . Am I being a dick ? Who cares , I got you hooked already . Take the bait and enjoy my story ok 👌 

Yesterday we decided to acclimatize for our trip to the Himalayas by going to the highest point in Germany and drinking beer 🍻 hahaha ! No really I’m not joking . We went to Zugspitze which is right on the border of Austria and Germany and what a beautiful view . Couldn’t have asked for a better day , sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in sight which made the view just amazing ! It cost around €27 to take the cable car up and that was a bit cheaper because there are prices for locals and then there are prices for tourists .... good thing I didn’t do tha talking eh ? The ride up is fun and kinda freaky cause it is quite the drop if that cable snaps !?!?! I’m not really too scared , if I die I die what can you do right :0 

When we got to the top I thought I felt alright then I had a dizzy spell and I really felt the altitude . Zugspitze is just a few meters short of 3000 metres which is about 1200 shorter then where we will set the world record . We walked around and the more I moved the more I realized how tough it was going to be playing at this altitude . We decided to spend a few hours up there and time really did fly as we took photos and just enjoyed every last second we spent up there . It was Timo and mamma’s first time visiting there also so it was nice to see the locals in as much awe as I was . Seriously if you are here you should check it out , can’t promise that the weather will be as good as what we experienced but regardless the view is spectacular . Before we left the mountain we had a bite to eat and I had kaese pressknodedl which is a soup with a meat dumpling with a bunch of cheese ... apparently yesterday was pretty cheesey :) It’s a local delicacy in Tyrol . I would totally eat that again . 

We probably stayed longer then planned and yes I got a wicked buzz from the beer I had up there . That’s all part of the training program lol ! The ride back to Fussen was nice . Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great on the other side of the mountains ⛰.... oh well . Timo had a neighbour that invited us over for fondu ? Or fondue ? You decide and let me know what is proper spelling ok . More cheese for my belly :) so we went over to Claus and Insa’s place which is across the road from Timo’s and we were greeted with some nice beer and yummy food ! It’s been years since I had fondu ( I’m going with that spelling ) so that in itself was an experience . We brought over the Gretzky’s whiskey I brought and sampled it with Claus and next thing you know we were tasting a few bottles of scotch and whiskey topped off with a shot of grappa .... let’s just say I had a good buzz . Thank you so much for having us over for dinner .... it was great meeting you both ! 

We went back to Timo’s and the night began .... smashes a bottle of beer while we were joking and having fun with Timo’s hockey equipment and I have no clue how much we drank but I’m pretty sure we called it a night around 5 am or 11 pm on my clock lol ! Blame it on the jet lag hahaha . So much for being in Augsburg to meet Wolfy for lunch :0 . Tomorrow or I should say today now we are going to watch the Augsburg Panthers in DEL action . Go Panthers ! 

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