Monday, January 29, 2018

Flying with Finnair

What can I say to start this off aside from Finnair .... you have shite service ! Hope someone reads this from corporate office .... as you all know I’m on my way to India to set a world record for hockey game or tournament played at the highest altitude and I flew to Germany to meet my friends to jump on a flight with them to India after a weekend of good times . Yeah sometimes I can be a bit of a complainer and you probably can tell where this is going right .... stay tuned :) 

In the morning Rainer came to pick us up and we headed to Munich Airport to meet the rest of the gang and we jumped on a plane to Helsinki and on that flight we had two full rows beside each other and that was fine and dandy and then we got to Helsinki and we got pretty drunk in the lounge . That was fun too but then we boarded our flight to Delhi and I got to my seat and there was a child sitting in my seat and I said you’re in my seat . The kid moved and I realized this is a full family I’m sitting with .... my team mates that I spent thousands of dollars to fly here with were separated from me . That’s two strikes for me :( so I asked the stewardess if she could move me before we were finished boarding .... she said she would see what she could do . The woman across the aisle from me had a blank screen and she was moved immediately after she told the airline her screen wasn’t working and I sat there watching this happen ? That’s sucks right ? Is it just me being a baby ? I felt like they made me feel that way and I asked another attendant if I could be moved and I said I was uncomfortable , she went to ask the same woman if I could move and returned to let me know that they had no empty seats yet the seat in front of me had a bit of extra leg room but I would have to pay €60 to sit there .... I hesitated and complained some more and through this whole ordeal the original attendant never came by and never tried to move me so in my angry state I paid and moved immediately . 

I am going to try to find out her name as she still has not come by to talk to me and she never did anything to help me yet as I said the woman that was sitting near me was moved immediately . Is this some form of favouritism ? Is this fair ... I don’t think so .  I am actually still on the plane using wifi that was given to me to make me feel better I guess but this again occurred after I paid €60 to not feel uncomfortable . Now the attendant that dealt with me was actually friendly and I can’t blame her for anything as she was nice and I felt bad complaining to her but she was thrown under the bus by her colleague who I actually the pursor on this flight AY121 . How is it possible that this woman is actually the one responsible for seating on this plane and she doesn’t do her job ? I really hope to get her name so I can post it and maybe Finnair can have a word with her . Maybe then she will do her job ? 

The plane is almost in India now and I’m dying to get off . I will never book a flight with this airline again , I am quite upset the way I have been treated and I think it’s disgusting that she didn’t do anything to even remotely try to remedy the situation . 

Just spoke to the attendant who is being helpful and I asked her for the pursor’s name and she said she can’t give out the name for safety reasons but she mentioned to say it was the older woman . So if you are Finnair reading this please note that your employee is not very good at her job and I would love to formally file a complaint directly against her . I promised myself not to complain about this stuff but it’s really all I have to write about now . I can’t wait to get off this plane and I’m not looking forward to flying back to Germany on Finnair in a couple weeks .... 

Hoping that things get better when I leave this plane ...

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