Monday, December 14, 2015

Horrible Hockey Etiquette

This is something that nobody should EVER do to a team and for some reason i have had to write about this more then once but apparently have no conscience is a communicable disease these days . When you run a hockey club you find out and hear a lot of bullshit , most of it is totally unreal and kinda ruins outlook on certain people .... if they don't know that they should wonder why they don't hear from me anymore LOL ! I have also learned over the years that when i write about someone it is out there for the world to see and sometimes it is not in certain individuals best interest to get on my bad side ...

Every season that i have organized my squads i have run into guys that have screwed me starting all the way in the beginning with super douche Justin Boake and going all the way to last summer where Neil LaRose screwed us over when he flat out told me half way during our summer season that he just wasn't going to pay , he also stole a white jersey which he never paid for and just flat out stopped responding ... thanks buddy ! To think i knew this cunt since we were like 16 years old .... there goes that friendship eh ? Well this season we are lucky to have 2 top notch assholes treat us like shit and bail on us ... first up to bat is Reilly Miller .

Reilly Miller is a nurse here in Toronto who has played for us for 2 years now ! We all thought he was a great guy but great guys don't tell you they will play hockey and lead you on for half the season without paying a dime then stop responding ??? Reilly i hope your employers find this and take a good look at you and your morals ... the guys are pitching in $40 each and I'm sure they will enjoy reading this blog post ... people if you are reading this please know that it takes a real man to say he is doing something then not pay and not show up and not respond , oh sorry that sounds like someone that you would consider a coward . Reilly you are a coward ! Good luck with your next hockey team , i hope they get your cash up front ...

We had to contact the league to find a skater after one of our other guys had a season ending injury , hoping to recover some cash for him we added a skater named William Patry who plays Jr. hockey for the Erin Shamrocks who have been contacted and told that there will be mention of them ... they have yet to respond :) William asked the ASHL to put him on a squad and they hooked us up , we were offering him a discount rate of $400 and he delightfully said he would bring money , showed up for the first 3 games then never showed up again , and never paid :( not sure why guys do this and think they can get away with this but surely they do and hopefully by me writing about them maybe they learn their lesson and maybe someone reads about this and is leery about dealing with these 4 guys that i have mentioned in this blog .

If you are reading this and have done shit like this to anyone whether its for hockey or anything then you should be ashamed of yourself ! At this point the bill is in my hand and i would like to personally thank these 4 scum bags for screwing me over in the past . When you get a chance hug your team organizer , he does more for you then you think !

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  1. I did a hockey search on the players you speak of, and I see you are playing some good puck.

    Do all your players have a junior hockey history? Reilly Miller 28 yrs. Played superior international junior A and opjhl junior A 8 years ago.

    The other player a 17 year old currently playing junior.