Saturday, January 5, 2019

Western Sydney Wanderers

When you’re travelling and running around everyday walking for hours on end and playing hockey your body tends to take a bit of abuse and sometimes you need a bit of a rest day . The weather was forecast for rain and it was about time I jump ahead and do some laundry before I run out of fresh clothes as I don’t travel with too much so we had planned to take it easy yesterday , get our laundry done and go watch a footie (soccer) match . I contacted the club and asked how I could get tickets and they mentioned how they would like to meet me ? I thought that was nice of them so the plan was to take a train out to the ANZ Stadium later on after doing pretty much nothing all day . First thing is first and we are gonna go to our favourite breakfast spot which is InCafe (again) but this time we are gonna sit in and I’m gonna have a big breakfast which included bacon , ham , chorizo sausage , two eggs , a fried tomato , a portobello mushroom , a hash brown and bread .... yes it’s a big breakfast and no Kathleen didn’t have that lol ! It definitely did not disappoint me and I pretty much licked the plate ๐Ÿ˜› after that we headed to our room to gather our laundry and headed to the laundry with a fist full of change that I know have because my bank finally let me have access to my account ! For some reason Tangerine which is who I bank with and I’ve never had any issues with , locked my account as they told me Australia and New Zealand are on their list of countries where a lot of thieving bastards live . Funny as it was colonized by criminals eh ? No really they didn’t say it in those words but you catch my drift ! All this time I have been racking up my credit card .... I even had a talk with them on New Year’s Day but for some reason they forgot to unlock my card and I had to use Kathleen’s phone to call them .... boy I can’t wait to see that phone bill ๐Ÿคจ

If you’re wondering ,no I didn’t take pictures of myself doing laundry as it’s not high on my list of exciting shit to do and as I mentioned we didn’t do much at all ... In fact I wrote my blog while I was keeping an eye on our laundry then I went up to the room and took a nap . Yeah I can feel the buzz from all the energy of excitement as you read this . We all need that day trust me , I have 5.5 weeks left to run around flying around the continent and I need these moments as I’m not the young buck I once was .... maybe I was the same but I don’t remember ...oh well! When I awoke out of my slumber Kathleen  had this sudden urge for ice cream . No inclination to move or leave the room but then I had an urge for something  also and I struck a deal where I could go grab a Subway sandwich (don’t judge me) and she could find something but her mapping skills are non existent and when we left that rain storm that was due to arrive was about to explode SO I got my sandwich and Kathleen opted for something from InCafe . I could have stayed in bed .... ๐Ÿ˜’

After eating my sandwich I finally took a shower and we waited for the perfect time to go top up our Opal cards and head to Central station to catch our train .... I mapped out the route through google and of course it took us some weird way where we ended up on a bus but got there none the less and we bought our tickets and sat beside the home supporters who as usual were loud and proud ... I enjoy the noise . Today’s match is vs. Melbourne Victory who are one of the top clubs in the league . The Western Sydney Wanderers page asked me where we were sitting and I told them my seat number , as the game went on I had a couple pints of this local lager which was alright and I snuck out to get one before half time and when I got back to my seat at the 45 minute Melbourne scored to go up 1-0 .... the home side were playing well and the fans were fantastic albeit a very sparse crowd in such a massive stadium . You would think it would be a better investment to have a smaller stadium for games like this because I highly doubt they ever fill the stands . I was hoping to see one of Aston Villa’s loaned out players Ritchie de Laet play for Melbourne but he was injured which is what it is . At the half one of the reps from the club named Ahmed appeared with two scarves for us and thanked us for coming to watch the match . What a super nice gesture , the kind of gesture that makes me want to follow the club from here on out so I will announce it now that I am officially a Western Sydney Wanderers supporter ... besides I really liked some of the supporters songs that were really original .

Second half kicked off and the Wanderers went on the attack and around the 75th minute were awarded a penalty kick for a blatant foul inside the box and with a swift kick Baumjohann (the player ) put the ball into the net and the local support broke into a “let’s go fucking mental “ chant and the game was now on ! Always exciting to see the home team score . I got myself one last pint as the concessions were closing and around the 85th minute we decided to head out a bit early into the pouring rain to get a head start ..... Melbourne scored in the 88th minute to seal the win , the train we wanted to catch was delayed and to make things worse we rode the train wearing our scarves on a train full of Melbourne supporters that sang to us about how our club is fucking shit ๐Ÿ˜– fair play I’ve been on the other end and I just put my head down and high tailed it to the hostel where out front we could see a plethora of lost souls drunk out of their minds from a Saturday night out .... it’s now Sunday here and I can only assume it is quiet out and the InCafe won’t have any lineups .... if I can only get Kathleen out of bed now hahaha ! Today I will sit in angst hoping my Ghetto Blasters Hockey team snaps our 14 game losing streak when I’m not there .... Go Ghetto ! 

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