Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Years Day - 2019

Woke up and didn’t have a crazy hangover yesterday and I wrote my blog and totally forgot to mention something .... when we arrived at the Royal Botanical Garden we saw tons of massive bats 🦇 back home we see these little itty bitty bats but these fuckers were massive ! They were like 10 times bigger and when we were sitting waiting for fireworks they were flying all over the place .... pretty cool stuff 😄 no issues occurred with them and I didn’t get any pictures of them so maybe that’s why I forgot about them . I formulate my posts through my pics usually . So back to what happened yesterday and if you judge by the photo I posted you know I got drunk and sat in the sun all day , if that was your guess then you’re right . We dragged our ass’ out of bed around 10 am and grabbed breakfast from the hostel called InCafe which has a great bacon and egg sandwich , the cafe culture here is huge and we get a mean cafe latte from there also . For those back home there are no double doubles here and they don’t use cream in coffee , one person told me it ruins coffee by putting cream in their coffee and apparently ruins the flavour of a good coffee and you know what they are kinda right but I still want my double double so bugger off and get me a latte or a cappuccino and shhh yourself ok lol 😝 

Fully caffeinated we decided that today we want to sit around a pool today and take in a sauna 🧖‍♂️ only one minor issue ... I don’t travel with swimming trunks and I don’t think the people in the sauna here wanna see me naked so we head off to look for a Target or something and on our walk we discovered a whole new part of Sydney we haven’t walked around as of yet and on our trek we pick up our Opal cards to ride the transit in the next few days and of course we find bags of ice but we are gonna grab that shit on the way home or I will be carrying a bag of water in this heat , yeah it’s 30c at this time and I’m sweating 😓 our trek gets us to where google tells us Target is but instead we walk into K-Mart which is OG ghetto if you know what I’m saying lol ! I found myself a pair of slick swimming trunks and Kathleen picks up something for herself too even though she already has something .... I didn’t ask and I’m not going to haha. There is an Aldi shopping market in the same mall so we hit that up and grab some nibbles and limes and then hit up Liquorland for a 6 pack of beer and their shelves are pretty barren and all the beer there is less then anything I would call swill so I settle for the strongest cheapest urine they have and purchase a 6 of Victoria Bitters aka VB which costs me $20 .... yeah not cheap , shits not cheap here mate ! For all you smokers you would have to own a gold mine to keep your habits with a pack of dirty smokes running you around $35 for a pack of 20 .... I’d quit if I were you , no shit eh . 

Started making our trek back and stopped into the same 7-11 we got our Opal card at earlier and grabbed that big ass bag of ice and hiked it back to our room . Divvied the bag up with useable ice for gin and tonics and used the rest to chill beer and tonic and we were set until I had to use a butter knife to cut slices of lime 🤪 have you ever tried that ? I highly suggest you don’t struggle , trust me . Drinks in hand and bag of beers with ice in tow we went upstairs with the elevator and found ourselves a primo spot to burn our bodies in the sun ☀️ I turned on the sauna and jumped into the pool just to get wet and bob around for a few minutes before heading back to my beer 🍺 then joined a group of Germans in the sauna and they all commented that they should have brought beer into the sauna also .... and that I know what I’m doing ! When shit got too hot for me I left and went to finish off my beers and we went back to our room to get ready for the free pizza that the hostel is offering for everyone that signed up for it . We were told to meet at the bar for the pizza and we waited out there for a bit only to find out that it was moved to the movie room and when we got to the movie room we found out the pizza was Dominos 🤮same shit all around the world (sorry Onsey) we grabbed a couple small slices then opted for some kebab next door which I didn’t mind , Kathleen on the other hand got some falafel .... and I’m not gonna comment on how that went , regardless to say we won’t be eating another meal there . Soon after I gobbled my kebab I passed out and here I am the next day writing about it . Today I have the Bridge Walk and hockey later on tonight with Justin Harrison .... stay tuned as I join my friend Andi Tanzer aka The Tanzmanian Devil as one of the few to play ice hockey on 6 continents and I’m almost sure I’m the first goalie to accomplish the feat . Wish me luck !

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  1. Ha! Love how we Canadians naturally know what we are doing when it comes optimal drinking situations. Always seems to amaze others from around the world. The Germans owe you one now. ;)