Monday, December 13, 2010

The Road Trip

Pretty sure that most if not all of us stayed up late on Saturday night . We regularly have Saturday night games but this week we had our game on Sunday and in St. Catharines , not in Toronto . My head was really fuzzy when i woke up at 830 and wrote that really ultra short blog yesterday . You see with no Saturday night game it meant drink as much as you can on a Saturday night ( and watch UFC) . So just like i said in yesterdays blog , i gave a wake up call to the majority of our 8 skaters that were making the trek .


The weather held up for us and we all made it safe and sound with FANS !!! There were actually just as many fans as there were players ...We all gathered into room 4 and began to get into our regular dressing room banter commenting on our surroundings ( wow this room is big ) and then our local helper showed up , fellow named Andrew (thanks for the help) , he gave us 9 skaters and an extra set of legs. We all seemed pretty loose in the room and eventually made our way out to the rink where we were entertained by the band that our host team had organized.
The game was a rematch from last season. The Crystal Beach Comets came to Toronto to play us and we were outplayed and outclassed last time with a deflating 2-0 loss :( With a shorter bench we stepped onto the ice knowing this and right off the bat we pounced , Neil took the puck and blasted a shot that squeezed through Comets goalie Desjardins . 1-0 lead within the first 30 seconds . The Comets are no slouch team and they play a strong positional game which means we have to play smart too !  Without wasting any time the Comets were in our zone with vengeful intentions , passing the puck around they listlessly toss the puck towards the net and one of their forwards gets his stick out for the easy deflection , which i believe was not a planned event . Comets like to stack up in front of my goal and look for rebounds or deflections . I have to stand on top of my crease and butterfly hard and tight .

Second period starts and it is tied at 1-1 ....we begin to press more and more and the Comets continue to push back . They had a big opportunity on a power play ( only 1 that game) where one of their forwards cut to the net on their own and tried to put the puck to my far side while pulling me across net , with my blocker i stopped the shot in a juggling manner ...2 bounces off blocker and caught in glove . Mike Takacs really stepped it up after this with a big goal , which no one knows how it went in but we know Takacs scored . End of the period arrives and wow the band is playing loud !!! We can't even hear Jack's speech ...i can't even hear myself thinking . The game gets onto the 3rd period and Takacs opens the period with another big goal , 3-1 lead and i can start to breathe a sigh of relief but there is still a good 12 minutes left and 2 goals for these guys to score is still not out of reach . The Comets had put more and more pressure on us as we got gassed , 9 skaters were all dead tired and they had 3 full lines ! Pucks were coming at me from all angles , THE GOOCH even took a shot from behind the goal line on me :) The nail in the coffin came from our rookie Eric Macedo as he buried a one timer that was probably meant for Iain ( LOL ) . A 4-1 lead and the Comets still have not given up . With a last flurry at the end of the game the Comets scored 1 more goal with 1 minute remaining and the game was over Ghetto Blasters 4 Crystal Beach Comets 2

After the game the Comets organized a space for both teams to go to have some pizza and drink some beer ! We all showed up except for Neil ( who apparently went shopping for non- perishable food ) and had a great time . If you ask me the first star of yesterdays game was the Crystal Beach Comets organization !!!! Live band at the game , pizza, beer, and the GOOCH ( seen with hat on to the right of this with his teammates ) . Oh not to mention the documentary being shown at the Niagara Arts Centre ( NAC ) which was amazing , not too sure the name but it was on hockey fighting . Unfortunately one parent there was not too keen on it and made a small fuss ( which we all made fun of afterwards ) .

Slowly but surely we all made our way home , all happy after a hard fought win and a great day out ! Pretty sure that we will make this an annual game as it is worth the trip to St. Catharines . Jay , Tim , GOOCH hope to see you and your teammates in the near future ...we need a tiebreaker now that our series is tied 1-1 .

The storm held out for us and we all made it home safe and sound ! Next week we have another exhibition game to end 2010 .......

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  1. Wish I could've made it. I didn't have access to a car til the game was over :( Looked like fun, though!