Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Lineup

Kinda wishing the picture above was the team that is going to St. Catharines today....cut that in half . Already getting some of the late night/early morning text messages from a couple players, looks like everyone was out partying last night . Wake up calls going out in about half an hour , at least i am not waking up to the winter snowstorm that threatened our game. The storm system MIGHT hit later , but by then we will probably be back home safe and sound.

Here is to the 8 guys that will be joining me on this day trip ! The Crystal Beach Comets have gone all out once again and have organized a live band to rock out during the game , and have organized a gathering spot for all of us after aswell . As of now our 8 starters are : Neil , Iain, Eric, Toby, Rob, Ron , Jack and Mike Takacs . Stay tuned as tomorrow's blog will be about today's big game ! If you do plan to attend our game today please bring non-perishable food for the food bank ;)

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