Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 21 : The Trek To Villach

Wednesday morning , Petri wakes up early too ( LOL) and we decide to go for a walk to let Rainer sleep . The park we are in is in Bad Tolz and it is beautiful , we stop to use the public toilet to wash our faces off ( they are quite stinky) this is Petris first morning with us and if going to learn the fast way that Rainer does not enjoy being up before noon . We get back to the camper and Rainer is cranky that we are both early risers , gets up and we decide to go get some food to make breakfast . At the supermarket i buy some meat, cheese , Pringles , and my favorite drink in Europe ( Mirinda orange soda ) . For some reason ( i guess different water ) all the cola and other drinks i enjoy back home don't taste the same here so i look for something new to like and Mirinda was my fav !!!! I buy a 6 pack of 1 litre bottles to last the rest of the trip.

Obviously we are craving some power for our laptops , phones and anything with power so we go on a hunt around Bad Tolz after eating our sandwiches for breakfast . Drive here ,drive there and give up ....lets start heading to Austria . Just past the border we need to get a vignette ( pass to drive in the country ) it costs just under 10 Euros , and seems to be a trend in the countries south of Germany . I am in a German camper so that might mean something but i never asked ....Rainer figures out there is a nice park we can stop at to eat and power up and relax for a while . We have a practise in Villach,Austria on this night but have some time to kill ( apparently) . So we pay 3 Euros to plug in our camper and Rainer makes us all a great lunch while we air out our equipment at this picturesque spot ( which we ruined for that day LOL ) . This is not the only reason we stop , like i said we don't have how do you say ....the proper necessities!

We continue on our way to Villach and i pass out ......Upon awaking i am posed with the question , should we just keep going to Ljubljana , Slovenia ? Umm, are we gonna miss our practise ? Yes for sure ! Where are we ? We are going on a train !......Ok at this point confusion sets in , we are stopped and i need a piss and a smoke, it is dark out and there is a lineup of cars , waiting to go on a train ! NO SHIT ! So i am still confused and i record us getting onto the train, yeah we take the camper onto a train get out go into the passenger car and drive for about 15 minutes through mountains ( 17 Euros for camper) . We made a wrong turn somewhere and took the long away , apparently even GPS directed us to this dead end and told us to turn back , at the dead end was the train to go through to Villach.

Deciding to go directly to Ljubljana , we remember that Villach was our chance to shower. Personally i enjoy showering daily and interacting with other humans , not gonna happen today ! Needing a vignette upon arriving in Slovenia we purchase one that lasts 7 days for about 18 Euros and we continue on the road to Ljubljana. Deciding to celebrate a bit i open up the bottle of Crown Royal i brought with me from Canada. Crown Royal and Coke mmmm!!!! get our buzz on and get lost a few more times before arriving in the city centre in Ljubljana, we decide that i should go into a hotel to ask if we can shower there before going to check out the nightlife there ( 140 Euros it would have cost as we would have had to rent the room ) . So we end up parking the camper in the best logistic place, right in parking lot for main train station there ( abandoned at night hahaha) . Park the camper and jump into a taxi ...."Is there somewhere open where we can sit down and have a drink " , " Yes my family has bar , i take you " ......The taxi driver took us on a scenic route and dropped us off at a dead end ( cars can't drive in the city centre) , gives us directions and we are off looking for a bar called Skelet . It is packed , with a very special drink special ( LOL) 2 mix drinks for 10 euros ! not really a special is it ? my beer was double the size of both drinks put together and cost me 4 Euros , so we get our drinks and try to find a seat ......and wait, and wait , and yes a table open! Too bad once we sat down the place began to empty out , but we had a few drinks for our first night in Slovenia ! Petri figured that nobody knows where Rainer is ( because we have been offline for so long ) and decides to take a picture of this skeleton with Rainers hat on and post it on facebook , it good instant reaction!

After leaving the bar ,Rainer heard a disco and tried to find it .....but we never found it , instead showing up at a restaurant across from the train station ( our home for the night ) . We had kebab , i tried to order a wrap ( Yufka?) but ended up with a sandwich ( Durum) and was not happy but ate it regardless. Food and eating are becoming and issue for me as i am complaining more and more about the service and selections . I have to realize that i am not gonna get jerk chicken or roti in europe , and i should settle for what i can get but i am stubborn :( sorry guys. We head home across the street and pass out after hearing our favorite joke ...The Italian who went to Malta !

i wanna piss on the plate !

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