Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Conclusion

The last i heard anything about Rainer was from this taxi driver that confirmed that Rainer was still drunk when he picked him up , and i knew that he dropped him off at Baker Station .... i can only hope that he found the bus and was told the pick up was a couple blocks over .... Timo and myself woke up in Augsburg and we checked the flights and the next one was supposed to land when i was leaving for home , this means there is no chance of me saying bye to Rainer :( it is really sad for me thinking i have been travelling with Rainer for almost a month and i don't even get to say good bye ...

Timo takes me out for breakfast before taking me to the airport in Munich , we go to this nice little coffee shop and have a sandwich and some pastries with a cappuccino ... at this point i am kinda wishing i saw more of Augsburg ... Timo i will come back to visit and hopefully play hockey there with you some day ! The ride to Munich was filled with us talking about what could have happened to Rainer ????

When i get to the airport i am sent this way and that way until i find out where to really go . Dragging my gear around isn't so bad but when i have a 3L bottle of beer in my bag that weighs roughly 8 kilos it makes it a bit tougher .... I got the bottle from Melanie Blume for my bday and there was no way i was leaving it behind . I brought a spare bag that i put some of my gear in to carry onto the plane so i could make room and weight for this monster bottle ! Thanks Melanie !!! I was lucky to meet a really nice person working at Lufthansa that helped me make sure my bags made weight :) i was also lucky to get there early enough for my flight that the airport was not so busy .

I waited to get on my flight and wasted time by buying some chocolates and a bottle of Bombay East Gin .... never tried or seen this bottle before ! it will look good in my collection of alcohol which i hardly ever touch at home ... yeah i know you have been reading about all this drinking i have been doing but in reality i don't drink so much at home ....only on special occasions or on trips ! When i boarded the plane i found a movie to watch , not much choices :( so i started watching the newest Spider-Man movie and 1 .5 hours into the movie we finally left ... this is the second time i have departed for Toronto from Munich and this is the second time that my flight was delayed ... last time was 25 hours this time was 1.5 so not so bad except i had a connecting flight to catch . I was stuck in the middle of the middle row and it was not the most comfortable , the people beside me were a bunch of bible thumpers that came from some "mission" and the girl right beside me seemed to be super crazy as she sat there the whole flight and never watched any movies and just sat there looking forward the whole flight ... my best guess is that she has something against watching movies or listening to music .... she must be super hard core religious ... i think i will try to avoid her ;) she might be scared of me if i open my mouth LOL

So i land in Montreal and confusion hits me in the worst way ... my ticket to Toronto has a time on it and i assume it is departure time and i show it to someone and they tell me i can still catch the flight , i am so confused ... i have to get my bags , clear customs then clear security again and the time on my ticket is about to pass !!! when i get to security one of the guys tells me i won't make the flight but to rush through the lineup so i did ... security searches my bag and finds the bottle of gin sealed in the duty free bag . They have to check it just in case its a bomb ... now the bag is totally sealed but they have to poke a hole in it to test it ??? yeah it totally makes sense ??? somehow on the flight i must have found the materials to turn this bottle into a bomb and somehow i did it without opening the bag and somehow i sealed it too !!! makes total sense LOL

I caught my flight and when i arrived in Toronto i begin to get messages that Rainer has landed in Germany :) ok so he is alive ! Kathleen picks me up and when i get home i go online to find out some of the story of what happened to Rainer ..... Now this is all speculation as to this date i have not yet spoken to Rainer ! So here we go ....

Apparently when Rainer got dropped off at Baker Station he was robbed by 3 guys at knife point !!! yeah that is something we figured would happen to him .... good thing he is safe . Apparently he went back to the amazing hostel we stayed at and they would not let him stay there , so he found somewhere else to stay . Then he goes to sleep and wakes up with his backpack opened with his valuables missing from there too ... robbed twice !!! I am sure there is more craziness that i have not heard of ... i am sure of it ! he figured out he had enough points with Lufthansa to get a free flight home but from another airport which i don't know which one ... there are a few airports in the London area ! Everyone was worried for him , when he got to Germany i got a few messages on Facebook and a couple texts letting me know he is alright .... and instead of taking it easy in Germany he decided to go to Thailand  .. so today i am not exactly sure what happened to Rainer , i am sure in the next week i will know some or at least more of the story ... until then it is all speculation .

This all happened over a week ago now ... at the end of the trip i was almost happy to be going home but i am more happy to know that Rainer is ok .... Through thick and thin Rainer will always be a friend of mine , even when he is doing all this crazy stuff ! that is what makes most of my trips with him so interesting LOL .... if you are looking for a good adventure go play for the Rainman All-Stars ;) 

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