Monday, November 19, 2012

Quebec Hockey Tournament

Quebec is not another country but it is not exactly close to home for me ... in Europe i would be crossing a couple countries to get there LOL . Next weekend i have a tournament in Victoriaville , Quebec which is between Montreal and Quebec City . One of my new team mates this year invited me to join his team out there .

Alexandre Charette was captain of the Concordia Stingers CIAU team in the late 90's and actually played pro hockey in France after that , we are very lucky to have him on our Ghetto Blasters squad here in Toronto . Always smiling and making us laugh with his Quebecois accent ... above all he is our leading scorer . Alex had been reading my blog during my trip to Europe and asked me when i arrived if i would come to Victoriaville with him . He offered to drive me there and even put me up with somewhere to sleep for free ... basically this is a free trip .

I gladly accepted and have been trying to get as much info as possible , as Alex had asked that i write a blog about the team and the tournament . Hoping to get some more info about the team and the tournament , it looks like i will have to get caught up on the 8 hour drive out there on Friday . At the moment i know that our first game is 11 AM Saturday morning and the final is on Sunday afternoon ... our team name is the Stingers and i am almost certain that the whole team played together for Concordia so we should be really really good .

Last night i got lit up pretty bad at the rink so my confidence is not exactly at a high ... i have a game tomorrow night hopefully things change . It is always a mental battle for us goalies , going into this tournament i will want to be playing at my best ... winning tomorrow will help but making some big saves will make things much better !

When i get more info i will try to make another post before i head off to La Belle Province :)

Aurevoir ! 

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