Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trip to Quebec

Yeah i know i am a few days behind on this story ... i actually took my laptop but didn't even pull it out of my bag i was so busy ! Anyways .... Friday i got dropped off at DelaSalle Arena here in Toronto to meet Alex , his son had a hockey game there so it was the best option to meet and my gf had plans so she dropped me there early as i never mind hanging out at a hockey rink :) Alex was surprised to see me there before he even got there as we planned to meet at the end of his sons game whom actually plays with another teammates son from my Ghetto Blaster squad ... so David was there too , we all had a good chat watching the kids play . 

After the skate we had to go pick up Alex's wife , daughter and dog . Alex and his wife Anick took turns driving out to Quebec , when Anick was driving it was like we had a dance party going in the van , it was actually fun times with the kids singing and everyone was genuinely having fun and i am pretty sure we were all excited to be going on this road trip :) Our first destination was to Montreal where we will spend the night with one of our team mates as most of the guys on our team actually live in the Montreal area . Vince was our host for our first night in Quebec .... he also played for Concordia as did most of the guys on the team i was joining ... here is his Hockey DB check it out ! 
The moment we pulled into the driveway Vince and his lovely wife Valerie were there with big smiles awaiting us ! We stepped into the house and were shown our rooms then i was asked if i enjoyed some time in the jacuzzi ??? umm yeah ! Only problem is i didn't bring a pair of swimming trunks on this trip so Vince tossed me a pair of trunks and in i went with beer in hand . Alex , Vince and myself sat in there joking around for who knows how long , it felt like over an hour i would say .... i think we had 2 or 3 beers while sitting in the tub getting all water logged . 

We had a curfew that we had to keep LOL i think it was 3 AM or something like this , we stepped back into the house had another cold one then called it a night .. our first game was the next morning and the drive to Victoriaville is about 1.5 hours or so .... 

at this point i already know that the competition will be good at this tournament ... i am going to need to play some top notch hockey to impress the guys as i am sure they have all seen a good keeper or 2 in their day ! 

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