Monday, November 5, 2012

Is there Ice Hockey in Montevideo , Uruguay ???

For the last few days i have been working on organizing a trip to South America ... At first i was really into going to Brazil to play but unfortunately the price for flights from Buenos Aires to Rio are quite expensive . I mean they are cheap compared to what i am paying to fly down there but when you add it up and then add on another $800 makes it much more expensive :(

The main reason i am going to South America is to play hockey in the "End of the World Tournament " which is in Ushuaia , Argentina ... way down in Patagonia where it is cold . Recently i found out that i would have to join a club ($60) pay the yearly fees and that would make me eligible to play in the tournament for the club i sign on with ... there is someone at the moment looking for a club for me . There is a group of guys from Chile in Punta Arenas that want me to come there and help organize a team for this tournament ... if all goes well i think i will ! If the tournament organizer will allow them entry then things will be really amazing :) I can then fly to Ushuaia and take a bus to Punta Arenas and really see Patagonia , meet my team mates and travel back with them which is always fun travelling with a group of hockey players . I am hoping and praying that this is all possible as it is probably the only way that all of us can play together ( me. Timo and Andi ) at the moment there are 3 of us looking to do this crazy trip ! If anyone else is going to join us they have to commit soon ... or they will have to organize their own hockey experience LOL . this is not going to be easy ...

Right now today i am looking online for any info if there is any ice hockey in Montevideo , Uruguay ??? i found an ice rink in a mall there on the 6th floor ... no pictures just stuff online and mention of it on the shopping mall website . The flight from Buenos Aires to Montevideo is only $155 which is nothing compared to paying $800 to fly to Rio . Honestly i would love to go play in Rio and i have connections to play there on their small ice pad ( 3 on 3 ) but to pay an extra $800 on top of all the other flights is just impossible unless the flights get cheaper ... i will keep my eye on it . If i can get a cheaper flight then i know the guys in Rio would like to hold a mini tournament there for us .

This is being planned for July ... i am sure between now and then this trip will change LOL today i am hoping to find a rink in Montevideo and hopefully i will get a good idea when the tournament will be held and if we can play for this team from Punta Arenas .... i will be extremely happy to add Argentina and Chile to my collection of flags on my stick bag ! 


  1. Sorry but Ushuaia is not in Patagonia :) Its in the Terra de Fuego...i dont know the english word...Fireland ??

  2. Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago at the southernmost tip of Patagonia, divided between Argentina and Chile. It consists of the 47,992 km2 of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, and several minor islands.

  3. maybe you are right had a map from 1670 :D

  4. your comment made me do some research and my earlier comment is taken directly from wikipedia

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