Friday, July 24, 2015

Montreal 2015 ... Again !

Alright a couple weeks ago Kathleen found out that Dave Chappelle was performing in Montreal . We always liked his comedy so we decided to get tickets ... They sold out and a few minutes later we found out that there was another show added so Kathleen went online and got the tickets the next day ;) obviously now I have to tell my buddies in MontrealL that I'm coming ... This is where hockey plans get made LOL ! 

We booked flights with my visa rewards ... Got a hotel room down the road from Places des Arts (where Chappelle is performing ) and continued making plans loosely . Time passed and next thing you know we are on our merry way . We wanted to use the Air Csnada lounge in.Toronto but realized it would be a waste  because of the stupid liquor laws in Ontario ... I mean why waste a pass to go to lounge when you can't drink alcohol until 11 am ? My flight was at 12 which means boarding at 11 so realistically we might have had time for 1 drink . Yea I know foods free too but I'm saving my appetite for some smoked meat ! 

The flight was great ! I watched half of the new Avengers movie and I'm hoping to watch other half on way home :p flight was a bit bumpy but nothing I couldn't handle . When we arrived in Montreal we were greeted by my friend Adil El Farj , my great friend from the Moroccan Hockey Association and the first place he took us was to Main ... It's a smoked meat joint across the street from Schwartz's , apparently Schwartz's is for tourists and this is where locals go ! Let me tell ya ... This meat was delicious !! What a way to kick off my trip . I was stuffed and after that Adil drove us to our hotel . 

Hotel Zero One is a boutique hotel ... Our room has wood floors and is very nice and comfy . I am glad we chose this place ... Proximity to most things are good except for seeing Vince (lol) and the beds comfy , found that out right away as I needed to sleep after eating that much smoked meat .... Yeah I went into a meat coma hahaha!!! When I woke up we got ready to meet Adil to go for a beer down the road and he was a bit late so it ended up being just 1 beer ... I had a Boreale . 

We headed to Places des Arts and I noticed this guy in our row looked familiar ... It was Shaun Majumder ! Of course I plotted how to get that picture with him through most of the show as stupid hecklers tried their best to have their voices heard ... They were annoying and pretty much ruined the show so I was happy to see one of the idiots get dragged from their seat ... He was kicking and screaming that he had diplomatic immunity or something . Anyways the opening act was a funny dude named Mo , he was Arabic so he covered all the terrorist jokes . The next act was dude that played Ashy Larry on The Chappelle Show ... He was funny ... Then came Dave Chappelle with trade mark cigarette in tow , he smoked like a chimney got the whole show . He was funny but the hecklers threw him off and yes there was ALOT of heckling and it was all ridiculous shit which Dave ducked and dodged but had to face the music at some times to put these hecklers to shame . Honestly if you go to a comedy show and heckle the act , why did you come ? Really ! Why don't you stay home and act like an idiot on your own ? 

The show wasn't totally ruined ... At the end while people were piling out all of a sudden Yasim Bey aka Mos Def jumps on stage and starts performing !!! Yo Word ! Great ending to a show of you ask me ;) 

I am up early typing this out on my iPhone , today should be a good day as I have ice time tonight ... If you are reading this and you are in Montreal then come out for shinny tonight at Les 4 Glaces (Brossard) unless of course you don't really like playing hockey as much as I do .... Yes I brought my gear for 1 skate ... You ask why ? Well I'm The Travelling Goalie ! That's why ....

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