Thursday, July 9, 2015

Five Hole For Food

As most of you all know i do have a soft spot for those that go the extra mile to volunteer their time for anything hockey related but lets just say some people will go the extra mile . I try to be like these people but its hard to fill some of their shoes . Yesterday Adam Sherlip was in Toronto and i really wanted to meet him as he is the national team coach for India and obviously visiting India is high on my list of things to do . Very high ! Adam is travelling across Canada to help raise money and food for the homeless through this hockey program where you just show up with your twig , make a donation , register and jump out on the surface to play some ball hockey . Amazing ! The charity is called Five Hole For Food which i kept calling 5 hole for hockey LOL , hockey is always on my mind eh :) please follow that link and if they are anywhere near you in the next week or 2 please pop over and make a donation and play some hockey !!!!!

Now knowing this guy who coaches India is travelling across the country for a charity as a volunteer is here in Toronto and as i said i try to be as amazing as people like this right , so i have to make sure to get down to Yonge-Dundas Square ... pretty easy right ? Here is the scenario ... the night before i had to work an overnight commercial shoot and then after i was supposed to return gear which i agreed to do . When i started to plan to go to this charity event i thought i would be there well before noon but some extra drop offs and an extra part of the schedule which was not emailed to us got added and next thing you know i am awake for well around 30 hours in which 20 of them were work related . At one point i was thinking of actually dressing up to play at the charity event and then heading home to hit the gym LMAO ... that was such a dream . While i was working i thought about bailing and just not going , i was so dead beat tired but i went that extra mile and made it ...Adam sorry if i looked like death hahaha! 

When i finally arrived it was around 3 pm or something like that , when i met Adam he introduced me to some of the others there like Brian Anderson :) and then we headed to a coffee shop to talk about things . Adam is also the founder of The Hockey Foundation and is very very keen on his charity and being involved with other like minded charities which is just unreal ... look , this guy is from NYC ... he started a charity foundation ended up in India coaching their national team and is now travelling across Canada helping another charity !!! Really how many of us (me included) have done anything remotely close to this ? My hats off to ya Adam ! What you and all of you guys were doing yesterday was amazing ... i am not joking when i say that all i saw was people smiling . Everyone i saw playing looked like they were giving it their all having the times of their lives , all the volunteers seemed to be having great days too with their big smiles and it was just an all around amazing energy to be around ... it kinda gave me the energy to somehow make it home on the subway HAHAHA ! 

So if you are reading this do us all a favour and check out the links i posted and do what you can to help ! I had $5 in my pocket so i donated it ... the girl that took my donation was also smiling :) Every bit counts .... Thanks guys for making my day .

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