Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 2 South America : My Little Guy

Yesterday I woke up and found put there is no bacon at breakfast in my hotel ... Lol ! I am fine hahaha ... I can call Brazil the 18th country I have played hockey in .Ge' picked us up bright and early and we went to the rink to teach some children . The kids were all very shy and quiet as Ge' told them about us . We put them through some skating drills and they all did well then we worked on their passing and had some fun games :) there were 9 kids there if you don't include us we split them up into 3 teams and we each had a team to play on with them some hockey and honestly I had so much fun ... I felt like a big kid ! The parents all were happy to see their kids having so much fun !

After our skate we came to the hotel and showered up as it is really hot on the ice here ! We were sweaty :) after we got a taxi to drive us to see Christ the Redeemer . Our driver could not speak any English but he was totally amazing . He stayed with us all day and took us everywhere we asked him to go ! It was a great day and it was so beautiful there .

After that we went to Copacabana and ate right near the beach an right beside where FIFA officials were staying . They all drove right by us with police escorts . We began drinking gin and tonics and let me tell you ... Over here they pour a proper drink . Whole glass was gin ... No joke ! We got trashed lol Ge' met us and we went to a couple other bars ... I don't remember much but I do know that I have to get to the rink now so I should cut this short and try to remember more to tell you about later ....

Gotta sober up quick to get on the ice ... Big story of the night was that I got a ticket for confederation cup final ;) I should run but will spread the good word later ... I think I was redeemed ;) 

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